Super7 x Robocop 3.75-inch ReAction Figures


“I’d Buy That For A Dollar!”

Super7’s next series of 3.75-inch retro ReAction figures takes on the classic sci-fi film Robocop! Releasing this Friday (8/23), the Robocop ReAction wave stars the “Future of Law Enforcement” – Alex Murphy, aka Robocop – in both pristine and bullet-riddled forms, and villain Emil Antonowsky in full-blown “Toxic Waste Thug” melting mode! $15 each.

No word on the Deluxe ED-209 vs. Kinney 2-Pack shown at Toy Fair, however you can catch a glimpse of it listed on the backer card above, so we can assume it is still coming.


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To buy action figures, take a look at Hobby Link Japan, BigBadToyStore.com, TheToySource.com, Toynk.com, and BriansToys.com.


  1. Ramon Corea

    Ugh that looks like a retarded barbie version of robocop so cheap..

  2. Trevor Chadwick

    I hope that’s not more than $1.99. So cheap looking.

  3. Gentlebreeze

    Yeah, those are pretty bad. I did a vinyl model back decades ago that looks 100x better, with ED-209 as well. Robo wasn’t silver, he’s titanium with a bluish sheen. Pass.

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