One of the perks of doing collectibles press at San Diego Comic-Con is getting to attend the illustrious Hasbro Press Breakfast, a media event where we can check out a slew of upcoming toys from a variety of properties… and enjoy a yummy start to the day. This year’s was great as always, and after we stuffed our faces we got to enjoy some photo ops and silly things, then we got to business. Scroll down to check out our photo gallery with:

  • Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering: a demo table let people get into the game, but the big news was the reveal of the next expansion. The royal courts of Eldraine request the honor of your presence at the THRONE OF ELDRAINE! Look for that set’s prerelease September 28-29.
  • Marvel: lots o’ Legends with a big focus on the MCU. Two-packs we’ve seen before, role-play Infinity Gauntlets and Punisher/War Machine helmet, Marvel 80th anniversary Avengers, Ragnarok Valkyrie and Heimdall, Endgame Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Patriot, and best of all: FAT THOR!!!

  • Star Wars: HyperReal Darth Vader, everyone’s favorite new Sith Trooper, and the role-play Luke Skywalker X-Wing helmet.

  • My Little Pony
  • Overwatch figures and variants

  • Fortnite role-play gun
  • Transformers: Refraktor three-pack with its awesome camera packaging and a Kremzeek mini-figure, Soundblaster, and Bluestreak

  • Power Rangers: lots of cool figures including the original White Ranger, Lord Zedd, and a two-pack of Fighting Spirit Green Ranger & Mighty Morphin Putty

-Scott Rubin

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