Japanese mega collectible company Kotobukiya always has great New York Toy Fair displays and reveals for the coming year, and we’ve got the full scoop on 2018’s selection. We started our tour with something near and dear to our hearts… horror movies! Joining previously released gender-bent Bishoujo lady versions of Freddy and Jason will be Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2 with a prototype on display, and artwork revealed Pinhead from Hellraiser III and an unfinished silhouette of Michael Myers from Halloween. Koto will also be releasing a Freddy in the ARTFX scale to go along with Jason.

The Star Wars display contained Jedi Luke Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine on this throne, and several The Last Jedi items like the highly customizable Praetorian Guard ARTFX+ statues and a prototype of the massive ARTFX Captain Phasma (who will be getting a revamp to her base as well as some articulation for posing options). Kotobukiya is bringing several kitchen items before only available in Japan: plates with holders, bento box dividers, pancake pans, and lightsaber food picks.

Marvel Comics characters continue to be inspirations for various statue lines like the recently announced and already highly anticipated X-Men ’92 ARTFX+ series beginning with Wolverine and Jubilee. Also on hand were Cyclops and Beast, and Kotobukiya has plans for several more two-packs and possible single figures in the future to fill out the Blue and Gold teams. If the support is there they’d love to populate the entire cartoon/comic book universe of that iconic era. From the Bishoujo line we saw a prototype of Captain Marvel looking tough alongside the demure Ms. Marvel, and a card showed off an upcoming re-release of the popular Psylocke statue with a new mossy rock deco to her base to differentiate it from the original version. Not one but TWO Spider-Men populated the display case, one from the comics resembling McFarlane’s art and the other leaping off the Spider-Man: Homecoming screen, while for the first time ever we saw the complete lineup of the Defenders ARTFX+ statues with the last addition of Iron Fist. The big surprise, though, was a massive Fine Art Statue of Storm! This mutant controller of weather looks amazing, fitting in with the Danger Room series of statues and coming with two heads so you can display her with long hair or her iconic mohawk.

On the DC Comics and movies side of the booth we got to see the beautiful Batman Gotham by Gaslight ARTFX+ statue with its impressive column base, the full Justice League movie ARTFX+ collection, and Bishoujo Supergirl, and that was just to start. Beside ARTFX+ Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batman Rebirth, Jonathan Kent and Krypto, and TV’s Supergirl, Jim Gordon, and Penguin was a new prototype of Catwoman joining that series, and coming to torment the previously released Batman from The Animated Series are Harley Quinn and the Joker! Just like Psylocke Bishoujo Powergirl will be getting a reissue but with a different deco on the base to tell it apart. A big part of the display was given over to the innovative Ikemen statue series bringing collectors new and sexy versions of male heroes with a fully painted prototype of Nightwing, an early prototype of Red Hood, and art cards revealing Red Robin and Damian Wayne!

Check our photo gallery for lots more cool anime characters, mecha models, and more, as well as posters advertising brand new Bishoujo series based on G.I. Joe and My Little Pony! The former will be bringing female characters from the world of G.I. Joe (no gender-bent male characters), while the latter will offer wholesome anthropomorphic renditions of the ladies of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that will include their pony versions (small in scale and attached to their display bases). We can’t wait to see more from these two lines.


Scott Rubin

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