Review and photos by Scott Rubin

WizKids is continuing to support Star Trek Attack Wing with new products like Card Packs and the awesome Faction Packs.  Speaking of which, there’s a new one on the horizon and it’s very interesting.  When this type of product was first announced a lot of people expected we’d be seeing the usual factions show up first: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, etc.  The first two are in the new Starter Set and there’s a Romulan Faction Pack, but the second to show up was the Dominion, and now we’re getting a surprising addition with the Ferengi Faction Pack!  Known for their scheming and cultural focus on acquiring wealth, the Ferengi field powerful ships in salvage and theft operations.  They also capture and utilize ships and technology from other species, so you might find a Ferengi fleet containing something like a Klingon ship (hint, hint)!  Whether you’re going to use it as a starter fleet in a box or add to your existing Ferengi content to mix and match, this set is going to give you a ton of cool options for your Attack Wing games.  Read on as dive into this new Faction Pack hitting stores soon!


First up, let’s check out the box.  The Ferengi come in the same style packaging as the first two Faction Packs, which in turn continue the designs established since the very beginning of the game.  It’s a big, flat box with a blue star field background, familiar Trek fonts and logos, the iconic Enterprise-D logo, etc.  On the front is a window so you can see the included ships, four in these sets.  Other than by the vessels themselves you can tell the different factions by text and a prominent symbol on the front, while on the back panel you’ll find a description of the relevant faction and its history along with a list of the pack’s contents and an upsell for the Federation vs. Klingon Starter Set.


Inside the Ferengi box you’ll find a tray containing the four ships (in the recent “repaint” metallic versions), a stack of cards, a small bag with the base parts and dial centers, and two cardboard sheets containing all of the tokens the fleet needs.  There are four unique captains (one of which doubles as an Admiral) for both, named and generic versions for all four ships, and lots of fun upgrades.  The punch-out sheets have the ship tiles, captain icons, maneuver dials, shield tokens, and unique tokens that match upgrades with special abilities for ease in tracking what’s happening in the game.  As always all of the game materials look great from the colorful tokens to the sturdy cards featuring screenshots from the shows and films.  Notably, just like the single-ship expansions these packs come with Mission cards, giving you even more fun ways to expand your Attack Wing game experience.


The Ferengi Faction Pack contains not one but two of the standard D’Kora class “Marauder” which can be fielded as generic versions for 16 points or the unique Solok’s Marauder (20) and Prak’s Marauder (21), each with its own special ability (bonus movement in exchange for an attack penalty and the chance to steal enemy Upgrades respectively) and one additional Shield.  At the other end of the spectrum is the tiny Ferengi Shuttle, costing only 8 points for the generic and 12 points for Goss’ Shuttle that locks down nearby vessels from effects that remove them from the battlefield.  Lastly is the inclusion of a Klingon B’rel class that can be played in either faction, at 13 points for the generic or 18 points for Lurin’s Bird-of-Prey that automatically gets to attack first when it’s bracketing an enemy with a nearby Ferengi ally!


As noted, these ship minis are decorated with metallic paints that nicely highlight their sculpts.  The Marauders are big vessels with sweeping, aggressive curves and a wide maw-like prow section.  The D’Kora sculpt has lots of cool little details like ribbing on the superstructure, a multitude of viewports, and impulse engine vents.  The original Marauder was bright orange and the follow up a darker copper, while these appear in a nice metallic version of the original color. 


The Ferengi Shuttle is an itty-bitty ship, one of the smallest in the game, with an interesting design two-pronged design and nice technological sculpted details.  This version is painted similarly to the original one, but with a bit of a darker hue to the metallic paint. 


Lastly is a ship that just about everyone is familiar with, the classic Klingon Bird-of-Prey with its avian inspirations, long “neck,” wings with sculpted “feather” details, and big disruptor cannons.  Lurin’s version is painted the same as the ship in the recently released Starter Set, with bright metallic light green and darker green details with the ominous red stripe around the forward section.


The four Ferengi captains range from the 8 skill Birta to Gint at 2, but all of them utilize the new Gold-Pressed Latinum Tokens mechanic.  This is a super fun and interesting way to make this faction unique, giving you a ton of flexibility in your games.  GPLTs can be spent once in the planning phase to remove an Auxiliary Power Token, once per game spend the cost equal to an upgrade that was discarded and bring it back, and in the combat phase to place a Battle Stations, Evade, or Scan token next to your ship.  Each captain except Birta starts with 2 of these tokens; he begins the game with 3.  Beyond the standard, Birta can increase or decrease the skill of a captain for a round, Prak forces an opposing ship to take damage or forego actions for a round, Gint can potentially save tokens when using them, and Daimon Solok gets to start the game with two hidden Crew upgrades (you can equip one to his ship during the game).  Alternatively, you can play Admiral Gint on your Ferengi fleet.  For the same cost of 3 points he’s a +0 card with the same Elite Talent options and restrictions, and brings two GPLTs onto his ship.


Upgrades start with two Elite Talents, The Rules of Acquisition giving a captain an additional SIX GPLTs and Grand Nagus that lets you give a free move to your entire Ferengi fleet once per game.  There are no fewer than six Crew upgrades including Gegis who ties up a Tech or “?” upgrade on an opposing ship, Letek gaining a temporary +2 attack dice in exchange for an Auxiliary Power token, Nava and Gral who gain their ship GPLTs when Crew are discarded, and the Klingon Grilka who can join a Ferengi crew and penalize opponents using GLPTs.  Blast your enemies with Weapon upgrades Weapon Ports (destroys Attack Squadrons), Photon Torpedoes (rolls attack dice equal to your Primary Weapon Value AND inflicts Auxiliary Power on hit enemies), and the generic Independent Verteron Pulse Trap (creates a Minefield that causes Auxiliary Power).  Tech upgrades give you options for Kemocite (increase speed when moving or discard to add an auto hit when attacking) and the Independent T-9 Energy Converter (disable to remove an Auxiliary Power Token AND repair one shield!), and the Bio-Mimetic Gel (has various effects on enemy upgrades) can be fielded as either a Tech or Weapon.  The Ferengi missions are Part One and Part Two of Profitable Acquisitions in which you try to hijack a Federation ship and escape.


All Attack Wing expansions are useful for both new players and current ones (offering you ships that can fly and fight right out of the box or materials you can mix and match with other expansions), but Faction Packs really offer a new experience in the game.  And for only $30 MSRP you can get a full fleet in a box for the same price as two single-pack expansions!  Everything here is fully compatible with existing Attack Wing ships, captains, upgrades, and more, though everything in the Faction Packs is of course updated to the latest rules, wordings, and symbols.  Best of all, this set gives you access to the great Gold-Pressed Latinum Token mechanic and all the fun options it brings!  In short, this pack is highly recommended for Attack Wing Ferengi players, or those interested in getting into the game and playing this faction.

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Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Review samples courtesy of WizKids Games

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