From Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy comic universe, Sideshow presents the Rocket and Groot Premium Format Figures.


The Groot Premium Format Figure stands at a massive 22.5 inches tall with a width of 20 inches. The Sideshow Exclusive variation features an outstretched and attacking arm with tendrils reaching out to grasp an opponent foolish enough to test his mettle against the massive trunk and intellect of Groot.


Rocket stands 10 inches tall and is the perfect companion to the Groot Premium Format Figure. Hes the only one that understands the big guy, anyway.

The Rocket and Groot Premium Format Figures can be purchased individually, Rocket priced at $279.99 and Groot at $599.99. OR collectors can order both statues together in a special bundle offer of $829.98, a savings of $50 off.

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