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As reported before Toy Fair, Tonner is entering 2010 with a slew of new licensed properties. Here' a rundown of what fans can expect this year:

* DOCTOR WHO/TORCHWOOD (pictured above): A new license just announced at the show. Doctor Who Character Figures slated for release this year include The Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones and a TONNERDirect Exclusive Time Lord overcoat. Torchwood will receive Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper. All are fully authorized by the BBC.

* MUPPETS: Miss Piggy makes a return this year as two new figure. These include 5th Avenue Piggy ($169.99) and 1st Mate Piggy ($159.99). Tonner mentioned that they planned to add Kermit the Frog to the line.

* PRINCE OF PERSIA: No photography was allowed pending licensor approval, but fans can expect Character Figures of Prince Dastan and Tamina.

* DC STARS: Tonner revealed four new figures including a Deluxe Huntress, Deluxe Wonder Woman, Deluxe Harley Quinn, and a buxom Power Girl.

* ALICE IN WONDERLAND: Again, no photography but figures on display included Alice, Mad Hatter, White Queen, and the Red Queen.

* SINISTER CIRCUS: Tonner's fun new in-house project. Exotic characters include Teezer, Giggles, Lucine, Quimby, Madame Myst and Shehee.

* DISNEY: Classic female Disney characters will debut in 2010 including Princess Tiana ($199.99), Snow White ($174.99), Cinderella ($199.99), and Belle ($199.99). Also be on the look out for the sexy Jessica Rabbit this May/June.

* HARRY POTTER: Harry and the gang return in 2010 in a new 12-inch scale. This new size is being priced at under $100 and if successful, other licensed properties will receive the treatment. Look for the new Harry Potter figures this June/July to include Harry, Ron Weasley and Hermione.

* WIZARD OF OZ: Dolls of the Wicked Witch, White Witch and Dorothy.

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