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    REVIEW: Hot Toys MMS191 Tony Stark (Armor Test Version)

    A Unique Version of the Man Behind the Armor...

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    Ever since Iron Man took to the big screen 5 years ago, fans and collectors have been adding various versions of Shellhead to their action figure displays. Hot Toys has been at the forefront of bringing the character to life through their on-going and growing line of Movie Masterpiece Series, which now includes over 25 variants, including unique armor designs seen both on-screen and off. Now, thanks to Hot Toys, fans and collectors can add a unique version of the man behind the armor – Tony Stark – to their display.

    As seen in Iron Man 3, MMS 191 - Tony Stark (Armor Testing Version) brings to life in the character, as played by Robert Downey Jr. in beautiful 1/6th action figure form. Featuring a diorama base, a wide variety of removable parts and pieces of armor and testing equipment, a work table and even Tony’s workshop robot, Dum-E, this figure provides collectors with a fully customizable display, making this a sure winner for all hardcore and casual Iron Man fans and collectors.


    As with all Hot Toys MMS figures, the figure itself and the parts, pieces and accessories come packaged in a durable box with impressive graphics showing the figure dynamically posed. On the back and inside, Hot Toys does a great job of providing creative information as well as names of the creator responsible for making the figure a reality.

    The interior of the packaging includes the figure and individual accessories inside form-fitting plastic, which both stores and protects the figure, parts and pieces and the robot Dum-E. Under this plastic insert, a third layer inside the box includes the diorama base and parts and pieces to construct the diorama. Overall, the MMS191’s packaging does a great job of presenting the figure in an attractive manner, ensuring the figure is stored and packaged safely.


    Hot Toys’ artists continue to brilliantly breathe life into the ever-expanding roster of 1:6 scale figures which make up the Movie Masterpiece Series. Over the years, the improvement in the Iron Man line of figures demonstrates this perfectly. Impressive to say the least, this beautiful sculpt of Robert Downey Jr from Iron Man 3 shows improvements from previous products, especially when compared to the original Tony Stark head sculpt included with the Iron Man Mk III MMS75. This shows not only an improvement in artistic ability but also in the production design and development as well as manufacturing techniques.

    With art direction and paint applications by JC Hong, a head sculpt by the talented Kojun (one of Hot Toys’ regular artists), and a body sculpted by TJ Hong and Im Jung Hyuk, RDJ’s as Tony Stark comes to gorgeous, accurate life here in 1:6 scale. Hot Toys has continued to explore better and more impressive ways to accurately capture the male body; thus the creation of the unique body with imbedded light-up ARC reactor inside the 1:6 figure’s chest (above). Likewise, with the addition of removable arms which provide the opportunity for interchangeable parts, there’s really nothing negative to say regarding this figure. If you’re a fan of Tony Stark; the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; there’s no better figure than this.


    Thanks to Hot Toys’ ingenuity, collectors and fans get not just a regular looking Tony Stark figure here; they get a figure with multiple interchangeable parts and pieces which, when taken off and replaced, provide for a wide-range of unique looks and display possibilities. The figure set includes interchangeable forearm and lower leg Mk XLII armor for both right and left legs and arms, additional hand sculpts for both holding things (individual tools, etc) and open palm (for flight) as well as individual parts and pieces of Mk XLII armor which Tony can work on.


    Other accessories include a removable headset (used by Tony to activate the armor), a desk/table with wheels which holds the armor pieces (helmet, face mask, neck support, elbow, palm & leg armor pieces), pincers and screw driver, a magazine, blueprints, electrical wires (above). Likewise, the set also includes the always fun Dum-E mechanical robot with wheels and a camera (below).

    Lastly, the figure set includes an impressive diorama base which features LED lights and plenty of impressive detail. The base includes a clear post from which the figure can be posed, showing the figure in-flight (below). This again provides collectors plenty of display opportunities and should impress even the most hesitate of buyers.


    As with previous releases MMS figures based on the Hot Toys’ Tru-Type male body, Tony Stark features a plethora of poseability. Tony Stark includes the standard assortment of Tru-Type style articulation: ball-in-socket head/neck, twist and swivel shoulders, swivel cut biceps, peg elbows and peg wrists (or ball-joint wrists on the armored forearms/wrists); mid-chest and waist swivel/twist joints; twist and swivel hips, twist upper thighs, double-peg joint knees and ball-in-socket ankles. Together, these 19 individual joints provide an amazing assortment of poseability.


    Considering Hot Toys MMS 191 Tony Stark (Armor Test Version) has a retail price of $280, some buyers may consider it too expensive. It’s definitely on the high-end of the latest MMS figures, though considering the impressive sculpting, unique body with LED ARC reactor, the assortment of interchangeable armor pieces, the variety of accessories, the light-up diorama base, and the Dum-E robot, even at $280 retail, this is a very solid buy if not a deal.

    At the time of this review’s publication, die-hard fans will have owned this figure for months; though there may still be a few holdout fans who are patiently waiting to add it to their collections. My advice: don’t wait too long. Considering the demand for many Iron Man Hot Toys figures and the value this figure presents to many fans, it won’t be long until Hot Toys’ MMS191 Tony Stark (Armor Test Version) will be hard – if not impossible – to find at retail price.

    If you’re a fan of Iron Man 3 and the man behind the mask, the man responsible for the Armored Avenger, Iron Man, then this figure is for you. Pick it up now wherever fine action figures and collectibles are sold.

    Be sure to check out our PHOTO GALLERY featuring 25 images of this impressive figure!

    - words by Jess Horsley
    - photos by Luka Zou

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