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    REVIEW: Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships Collection #1 U.S.S. Enterprise-D

    Brand New Line Of Spaceships Starts Off With Next Generationís Best...

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    If youíre not a comic book person, chances are you may not be familiar with the name Eaglemoss. The British company is best known for its lines of metal figurines capturing superheroes from both Marvel and DC Comics. They have a unique presentation with each figure representing an ďissueĒ and coming packaged with a short magazine about the character. In the last couple years Eaglemoss Collections has branched out to chess set versions of superheroes as well as other lines like Batman vehicles, Star Wars ships and vehicles, Doctor Who and Hobbit characters, and more. Most exciting for me though is a new series that began last month, the Star Trek Starships Collection! This lineup is bringing us the awesome ships of Trek from all eras in high quality painted miniatures and today Iíll take a look at the very first in the series, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D.

    The Starships Collection entries come packaged in a simple clear bag so you can see everything youíre getting. The ship is encased in a plastic tray within a small box, kept safe and secure, with the magazine behind it. While you probably wonít keep it in there, the box is pretty nice with a Federation symbol on a blue starscape.

    The Enterprise magazine is 18 pages of high res images from the show, CG diagrams, concept art, and tons of behind the scenes info, stats, and more. Itís a really great primer and makes the ship an even better deal.

    Being the first ship in the line, the Enterprise-D also comes with a Series Guide that shows off just a sampling of the other great models on their way. This eight page booklet discusses some of the special features youíll find in the ships along with explanations of scale, colorations.

    To be perfectly honest the Galaxy Class is not my favorite Star Trek ship, but this is one incredible collectible. Approximately 5 Ĺ inches long and 4 inches at its widest, the miniature packs in a ton of detail and is as screen accurate as a ship in this scale and price point can be. Naturally the broad strokes are immediately apparent with the wide oblong saucer section, stumpy secondary hull mounting the deflector dish, and two small warp nacelles. With substantial die cast metal and ABS plastic the Enterprise is nice and heavy.

    Up close thereís a tremendous amount of detail on this ship, both sculpted and painted. The Enterprise has all of its unique shapes like the raised ridge leading to the bridge, phaser arrays, captainís yacht, dozens of escape pod hatches, and more. On top of that, thereís a great paint job starting with the base light gray of the hull. Tiny black and white rectangles mark out the aforementioned escape pods and windows, and there are plenty of details like the crisp lettering of the registries, red stripes and Starfleet logos on the nacelles, the blue and gold of the deflector dish, etc.

    Meanwhile, translucent red and blue plastic in the nacelles really pop, especially when backlit. The Enterprise comes with a unique display stand with a clear plastic arm and black base. The ship plugs into the base in a slightly awkward manner, but once in there itís very sturdy. On the underside of the base youíll find a sticker telling you to which ship it belongs.

    As a collector of spaceship toys, especially in small scales, Iím really happy with the Enterprise and very excited about the future of this series. Especially considering the price of action figures these days, $20 is eminently affordable for a five or so inch highly detailed starship AND a book of background information and images. Eaglemoss has thus far announced the Collection running through 35 issues including ships from Enterprise, TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager including both the major players and background vessels (some of which have never before been made into collectibles). Theyíre also running a special Collectorís Club program with incentives unavailable elsewhere if youíre looking to get all of the issues anyway. For Star Trek and spaceship collectors I highly recommend this line which you can find or order at your local comic book store.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

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