30th anniversary He-Man packaging? Ghostbusters Vigo or Zuul?

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With the 30th anniversary of MOTU next year it would be great to see some commemorative packaging on the figures similar to the classic line from the eighties. Have you considered this approach as one of the ways to celebrate He-Man's anniversary?

We are looking into a 30th anniversary call out or burst, but we simply do not have the resources on a small line like MOTUC to redesign the package. Right now we are putting all of our limited resources into making the figures the best they can be!
Will you be selling leftover stock of re-released figures at SDCC this year? It seems like many of the figures were simply removed from the site to make way for the monthly sale dates rather than actually selling out.

No. We will only be selling the new 2011 SDCC items at the show. There is no more leftover stock.
After having He-Man and Skeletor both in their respective battle armor it would be great to have a new 200-inspired Snake Armor or Ice Armor He-Man as an A-list variant. Can we look forward to one of these in the near future and would you consider change the hair sculpt on these?

Possibly. There are variants we would like to get to in time but nothing to confirm right now.
With the recent reveal of the Voltron Force animation art, we are very excited to see the new toys for the show. Will you be producing a large buildable Voltron for the animated series also or will that only be seen with the classics line?

We are not ready to announce any Voltron specifics quite yet. You will just need to wait for SDCC!
The Ghostbusters line is great but we need some new and exciting characters to spice things up such as Vigo or Zuul. Is there any chance we may see one of those two this year?

Both of these are characters we want to get into the line sooner then later. You’ll just need to wait for SDCC to see who the next figures are!

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