Tron: Legacy, Kingdom Hearts and Pirates of the Caribbean too...

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For those looking for cool and affordable Marvel collectibles, Monogram has you covered. New at their Toy Fair showroom were two new additions to their vinyl bust bank collection: Thor and Deadpool. Priced at around $15 each, fans can expect these new superheroes this April.

Two new Marvel entries were collectible pencil eraser toppers and finger puppets (Finger Heroes). I collected the former as a kid in a variety of different styles and I'm sure kids today will love collecting and trading their favorite superheroes and villains. Look for these later this spring. Other Marvel novelty items included new finger boards and metal keychains from the upcoming Thor and Captain America motion pictures (Thor's hammer and Cap's shield respectively).

Outside of Marvel, Monogram had a new line of resin paper weights (aka: statues) from Kingdom Hearts. Due out in April, this assortment includes Mickey, Sora, Goofy and Donald. A collectible resin Key Sword is in stores now.

Also shown at Toy Fair were new items from Pirates of the Caribbean, including a Jack Sparrow paper weight and Tron: Legacy in the form of a cool Lightcycle stapler!

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