Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Street Fighter, MGS, more...

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Highlights from Square Enix's impressive Toy Fair showroom include:

[ame=""]Deus Ex Trailer[/ame]

* Deus Ex: Human Revolution (pictured top): Square Enix is taking their latest video game property and turning the core characters into awesome 8 inch scale Play Arts Kai figures. After watching the extended trailer at their booth, which you can view above, we were instantly intrigued by this cool cyberpunk property. Kai figures include the cyborg protagonist Adam Jensen donning some slick futuristic shades, one of the game's antagonist, the heavily augmented Barret (with an arm that transforms into a gun!), and the nimble Fedorova packing twin SMGs. Look for these figures this Summer/Fall.

* Street Fighter IV - A match made in Heaven: the super agile fighting characters of Street Fighter combined with the hyper-articulated Kai action figure body. Ryu and Chun-Li kick off the assortment sometime later this year (release TBD).

* Halo: Reach - Following Series 1 (read our review HERE) comes Series 2. Shipping now and to be available next month, this assortment completes Noble Team with Carter, Kat and the hulking Jorge. Asked if Halo:Reach Kai would see retail at Toys"R"Us similar to their Final Fantasy figures and Square Enix replied that they are working hard on it, but it probably wouldn't happen until later this year. So if you want your hands on these incredible figures now, you're best off ordering them through Square or an online retailer.

* Dissidia: Final Fantasy - While previously released as Play Arts action figures, Cloud Strife, Squall Leonheart, and Gabranth will see release for the first time in the larger, more detailed Play Arts Kai series. Look for them this Summer.

* Assassin's Creed 2 - Ezio, previously shown at San Diego Comic-Con, will be shipping this May.

* Metal Gear Solid - New Kai characters on display included Kazuhira Miller and a new Battle Dress Snake. Release TBD.

* Vanquish - While not on display at Toy Fair, characters from the sci-fi shooter Vanquish are in the works including the game's hero Sam Gideon and one of the mechanized enemy soldiers. You can check out photos of them from the Tokyo Game Show HERE.

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