Team Fortress 2 action figures in the planning stages...

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One of the biggest surprises at Toy Fair this year came from Gaming Heads, a company that emerged last year producing high-end resin collectibles from Valve's renown video game properties. The surprise: Team Fortess 2 action figures.

A fan dream for many year's, the quirky characters of Team Red and Blu have already started to receive cool statues (Heavy and Soldier), but Toy Fair revealed that Gaming Heads is planning fully accessorized and articulated figures as well. Still in the early planning stages and waiting for "go ahead" approval from Valve, the prototypes on display were of the Heavy with heavy gatling gun, shotgun, and alternate head and hand attachments (different hats, boxing gloves, etc). As you can see from the photos, they already look really nice.

Pricing and release date have yet to be determined, but we'll be sure to keep you up to date on this long awaited toy line.

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