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    Action figures, playset and role-play dagger from the upcoming movie...

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    For well over 15 years, McFarlane Toys has been making action figures which impress hobbyists and collectors with their minute details and accurate paint applications. Likewise, over the last few years with the introduction of the Halo license, McFarlane Toys has introduced collectors to smaller figures with more articulation, a positive for those who enjoy posing and playing with their toys.

    Now, fans of the classic video game-turned-live action film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time will find McFarlane Toys has made a line that's both kid-friendly and collector-pleasing. Featuring two different scales of action figures (6" and 3 ¾") as well as a role play toy that'll make fans of all ages smile, McFarlane Toys' Prince of Persia line is ready for action.

    PACKAGING: Each product, no matter the scale, includes the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time title and graphics. Images of the film's main character, Prince Dastan (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), are also present. The graphics easily show the license as well as the specific character/piece.

    Depending on the product, the packaging varies. Both sizes of action figure come packaged on a bubble card while the prop comes in an open box and the playset comes in a closed box. Each product features images and information about the entire line, which really isn't that large and includes four 3 ¾" figures, four 6" figures, one deluxe figure, one playset, and one role play toy). Overall, the package is simple, straight-forward, and to the point; nothing too fancy and just enough to do the job.

    SCULPTING & ARTICULATION: Fine, I'll say it: considering the figures that used to come out of the House that Todd Built, this line is seriously lacking in the sculpting department. Now I’m not saying their not on par with other figures on the shelves; I'm just saying they’re not what most die-hard collectors will appreciate. Granted, these Prince of Persia toys are just that: toys. They're based on a Disney film that'll no doubt have young boys ages 8-14 wanting to be Prince Dastan and, while I'm not sure if these young boys' parents will take them to the film, I've no doubt if they do, they'll be buying their kids these figures.

    Granted, we all can appreciate good articulation and a figure that's just plain fun to play with and I have to say these figures are surprisingly fun to play with. I'm not personally a fan of 3 ¾" figures and tend to prefer the larger 6" pieces. However, in this case, I found myself drawn to the 3 ¾" figure of Prince Dastan (above) as he not only looked cool, but was super poseable. In fact, the 3 ¾" figure features a total of 13 points of articulation including a twist waist, ball joint shoulders, a ball-in-socket neck, swivel pin knees and elbows, ball-in-socket hips, and pin ankles and wrists. All in all, an impressive amount for this scale.

    Now for those who have to have the 6" figures, there are four characters in the mix, including two versions of the Prince and two baddies. Unfortunately, this scale is seriously lacking in the articulation count, but it does attempt to make up for it with better sculpting. That said, these pre-posed, action-stance figures do include a bonus: they each include a "play action" which - depending on if you're a fan of push buttons, pull back arms, or twist-actions, will either make you smile or cringe.

    No doubt the Prince of Persia line was made to be more kid-friendly and was aimed less at the die-hard Spawn/Halo/Movie Maniacs fans, but hopefully this will open up the gates to others who have yet to experience the fun McFarlane Toys has to offer.

    PAINT APPLICATION: Depending on the figure, the paint applications vary from fair to fine. There are few that feature perfect applications with minor bleeds on many of the figures, but at the 3 ¾" scale, it's almost impossible to be perfect (the 6" scale saw many with near perfect paints). The colors are all film accurate, though there are some issues with the flesh tones around the joints as it seems the joint pins are one color and the forearm and/or bicep may be another color; a minor distraction, but one worth mentioning.

    PLAYSET, PLAY FEATURES, & EXTRAS: As the 3 ¾" line seems to be the one that'll attract the most attention (as it includes a deluxe horse-and-rider set as well as a playset), it's worth mentioning these two pieces. The horse-and-rider set includes a unique version of the Prince as well as his steed while the playset includes the regular vest-wearing version of the Prince. The playset specifically should be a favorite of young boys as it includes a number of bonus play features, including a hidden staircase, a boulder drop, a boulder catapult, and various foot pegs that allow the figures to wall run. Likewise, the playset includes a crank-up gate.

    The 6" line includes a variety of play features, including pull back arms which swing dual swords when released, a snake-shooting featuring, an axe-swinging feature, and a single-sword swinging action. While these features may discourage some collectors from buying, the impressive detail and larger 6" scale may be enough to sway those on the fence to pick these up and give them a try.

    Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite piece in the line: the Dagger of Time. Featuring a push-button light-up handle with real sand inside, this role play toy features a soft vinyl blade with impressive detail around the hilt. Likewise, the blade itself has detail that’s sure to impress. While it might not be Kratos' Blades of Chaos or the BFG from Doom, this is no doubt one of the most memorable video game weapons and will soon be one of the most memorable movie weapons as well. And who doesn't want to wield even a fake Dagger of Time? Honestly?!?

    COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: McFarlane Toys' Prince of Persia line is hitting retailers now. In fact, Target has two exclusive figures – one in each scale – which feature a "Sands of Time" clear right arm which mimics the use of the Dagger of Time from the film. The smaller 3 ¾" figures can be found for approx. $8.99 each, a bit spending compared to other 3 ¾" figures; while the 6" figures can be found for $14.99, again, a bit much considering other figures in this scale are $2-4 less. That said, these are based on what is sure to be one of the biggest films of the summer and, while they're not as impressive as some of McFarlane Toys' earlier work, they are McFarlane Toys.

    Overall, I'm a bit disappointed in the line as a whole, but that's coming from the collector's standpoint. If I were 12 years old again and playing with my toys in the sandbox, carrying them to school, or launching them from the back window of a bus (with a string tied to them of course!), I'd be all over these. Considering the 3 ¾" figures include impressive articulation and the larger 6" figures include play features, these should do well with fans who like to "play" with their figures. And even if you don't like to play with your figures, you won’t want to miss the Dagger of Time. I know from time to time I wish I had the real one, but until then, McFarlane's role playing Dagger will have to do.

    Pick up your McFarlane Toys' Prince of Persia figures and collectibles at a fine online retailer or brick and mortar store near you now.

    For more images of McFarlane's Prince of Persia toy line, CLICK HERE!

    Review and Photos by Jess C. Horsley

    Review Samples Courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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