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    Diablo III Overthrown Statue

    Massive, brutal, and impressive...

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    For over 10 years now, fans have been scourging the Kingdom of Khanduras as a heroic warrior (or rogue or sorcerer) determined to end the reign of terror brought upon the world of Sanctuary by the evil Lord of Dark, Diablo.

    Now, with the release of Diablo III ever closer and Blizzard Entertainment working in conjunction with the fine folks at Sideshow Collectibles, fans of the classic video game series can own what is probably one of the most impressive and truly stunning works of video game artistry: the Diablo III Overthrown Statue.

    PACKAGING: Packaged in a massive cardboard box (26 inches high, by 17" inches wide by 15" long) and protected on all sides by form-fitting Styrofoam, the individual pieces of the Diablo III Overthrown statue are well housed, ensuring they remain damage-free. The exterior of the box features impressive artwork and graphics, including photos of the finished statue as well as artwork upon which the statue was based. The back of the box also features a description of the piece as well as information about the character and game. Overall, the package does what it's intended to do: attracts potential buyers and protects the goodies inside.

    SCULPT: What can be said in words that pictures don't say better? This is truly a work of art. For die-hard Diablo fans, this is probably the grail or alter upon which all other collectibles are based. That said, even fantasy fans who've never played the game will appreciate the artistry that's displayed here.

    Amazingly rendered to a healthy scale (approx. 18" high x 12.5" wide x 13" deep), this triumphant warrior dual-wields blood-splattered battle axes and stands ready to face any and all foes. The sheer size of the piece coupled with the minute detailing in the statue – to include ornate armor plate, multiple weapons on his back, a skull belt motif and loincloth, and tribal tattoos – all make for one of the most eye-catching and remarkable statues based on a video game.

    One specific feature worth mentioning includes the facial sculpt, which includes a look of sheer angst, rage, hatred, and victory. If ever a statue or figure captured a "war face," this is it. Likewise, the detailed base, featuring the skull of a defeated Diablo is both impressive in scale and helps establish both the tone and setting for piece.

    PAINT: Based on the concept artwork (as seen on the box) as well as the original character designs from the forthcoming Diablo III game, the statue bears accurate colors as well as detail. From the ash-colored burnt Diablo skull and brick red and brown rock on the base to the metallic silver armor, brown leather straps, and red tunic and loin cloth, the colors all accurately bring to life the warrior-class character from the game. Likewise, the blue tribal tattoos stand out against the white skin while the gray beard and blue eyes give the character an aged, experienced look that both tells tales of victories and defeats.

    As per Sideshow’s standard quality, there are no noticeable bleeds or smears and all paint lines and colors are tight, clean, and sharp. Again, an impressive piece of video game artwork that’s sure to resonate with fans and non-fans alike.

    OVERALL: While Diablo III is still unknown, with statues and products like this popping up on the market to generate interest, it's safe bet it’ll be sooner rather than later. Massive, brutal, and impressive, the Sideshow Collectibles Diablo III Overthrown Statue is a work of video game artistry the likes of which is rarely seen. Sure, we’ve seen Sideshow make an impressive World of Warcraft statue and there are plenty of other companies making statues and figures based on other video games, but most pale in comparison to the sheer intimidating brutality and awesomeness that is the Diablo III warrior, in full battle dress, ready to deal death and destruction.

    If you're a fan of Diablo, this is a must-own piece of artwork. However, with a $300 price tag, it's a bit on the pricy side for those casual fans. That said, while the piece is currently "Sold Out" at, the statue is still available to order at a variety of online retailers, and is even on sale now for $233.74 at

    Overall, video game fans and fantasy fans alike will find themselves in awe at the magnitude of cool that seeps from this statue. Both impressive in scale, detail, and design, the Diablo III Overthrown Statue deserves to be cherish. Sadly, considering it’s limited to only 750 pieces, only a privileged few will get the opportunity to own this. Be sure you’re one of them and order yours now.

    For even more images of the Diablo III Overthrown Statue, CLICK HERE!

    Review and Photos by Jess C. Horsley

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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    Re: Diablo III Overthrown Statue

    Beauty! I wish Barbarian was still younger in Dialblo III ... but he still kicks some ***** .. cant wait for the game!

    I shud get back to my level 35 Barbarian on D2 sometimes till then!

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