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  1. Re: Looking for: Microman Material Force & Pentagon, Figma Archetype

    Oh, thanks. Is that going to help me find these figures?
  2. WANTED: Microman Material Force & Pentagon, Figma Archetype


    I'm hoping to find and buy Microman Material Force figures, a Microman Pentagon figure and Figma's Archetype figures (one male, one female).

    Please PM me if you want to sell yours. I'm...
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    Re: need help finding 7" figures

    Figma makes 6" figures. They seem very articulate if you get one that doesn't have a lot of rubbery clothing attachments. They produced a male and a female Archetype that were just plain clear...
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    Re: What do you collect?

    Hi, I'm new here. Looks like a good place to intro myself.

    I'm very new to the figures scene, and very new to what I'm collecting, which is the Microman line. I'm most interested in the Material...
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    Re: My action figures in action

    Your figures are great! Your use of background makes for some great scenes, very realistic. And you are very good at posing your guys. Oh, and your photoshop skills are quite awesome too! It was nice...
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