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    Re: Battle Damage Guide

    Wow that is fantastic! You are one talented man! :D
  2. Re: toy store in los angeles and las vegas ?

    It depends on the vendor. Some guys sell really cheap while others tend to be more expensive. It also depends on the merchandise you're looking for because not all toys are equal! :D I've found some...
  3. Re: toy store in los angeles and las vegas ?

    If you're in the LA area YOU MUST check this place out.

    Welcome to the Frank & Son Collectible Show

    It's basically a year-round toy/collectible mini-convention. They have about a hundred...
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    Re: FS Hot Toys Aliens Figures

    Hello I am very interested in all three of these figures.

    To confirm these are the three you are selling correct?

    Sideshow Collectibles, Inc. - Aliens VS Predator: Requiem - Alien...
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