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    Re: What's that stinky smell?

    Thanks for that thought it was something like that, just wasn't sure..
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    Re: What's that stinky smell?

    But what causes it? Is it the plastic?

    And great sig...

    Disney are going to market Seal Team 6 merchandise for xmas True.
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    What's that stinky smell?

    I ask because I finally got some Planet Terror merchandise and a percular problem that seems to happen with one brand of merchandise.. That brand is NECA...

    I finally got my Planet Terror figure...
  4. Planet Terror Figures.......Disappointed

    Has anyoen bought the figures of the girls from the movie Planet Terror?

    I got two of each in the hopes of displaying one pair and keeping one sealed in the packages for collecting. But upon...
  5. Re: Hi new here. Need some help with problem.

    Thanks for that. Wasn't sure if anyone would reply.

    The figure I have is the 7 inch NECA figure of Victora from Twilight.. She's not posable as the legs are molded in a pose of a sort already. The...
  6. Re: Hi new here. Need some help with problem.

    Oh also anyone know where I can buy a Resident Evil Alice figure or two if they come in various versions?

    I also have Cherry and Dakota from Planet Terror.
  7. Hi new here. Need some help with problem.

    Hi new here but have a problem and not sure where to post or to ask.

    First off I'm not a Twilight fan but I do like one or two of the characters, and one of those is Victoria.

    So friend got me...
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