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    MOTUC Customs & Comicbook diorama

    Here is a commission I did for a fellow He-man fan (Fisto69). He supplied me with a custom Fisto sword, MOTU 200x mecha hand and Battle Fisto armor, a wrestler's head and a He-man MOTUC figure. I...
  2. Give me the Cube boyyy!! Diorama - Botcon entry

    Custom Transformers Movie Diorama
    "Give me the cube boyyy!!!" Dio
    Just thought I would share my Botcon entry this year. Inspired from the first TF Movie. Hope you enjoy check link for more pics!...
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    Custom MOTUC Zombie Heman
    Before I start there are 2 things I would like to share. 1. I'm not into the big whole zombie thing, but when I recently...
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    Custom MOTUC Shadowbeast

    Custom Army of MOTUC Shadowbeasts
    Recipe: 1 beastman, aves apoxy sculpt
    Shadow beasts have always been a cool character from the Heman series, but there was never a figure made. Anytime you saw him...
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    Custom MOTUC Fighting Fist Heman

    Custom Fighting Fist Armor MOTUC He-man
    So pumped about this custom. It is my first MOUTC custom. I wanted to try something different. So I was looking back at the Thunder punch heman, Fighting Fist...
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