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    Wheres NECA AC2?

    Wheres Ezio? All the toy stores have him as pre-order to be shipped Swpt. 2010 and theyre still not released. I checked also, same thing. But it has a customer review... I dont get it. ...
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    Re: What do you collect?

    Ive branched out as of lately. I still have all my Gears of War stuff, but have been buying NECA Street Fighter, NECA God of War, and Movie maniacs. I love thoes, but theyre really old and kind of...
  3. NECA Gears, Halo 2, Movie maniacs eBay

    Several auctions up. NECA gears of war and Centaur tank, Joyride Studios LE Hallo 2 figures, Movie maniacs Ash/ Evil Ash

    Link below is to the Centaur tank. If you wish to see the others, just...
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    S1 Gears of War Sniper $22

    NECA Gears of War Series 1 SNIPER! US SELLER, MINT BOX - eBay (item 190426741295 end time Aug-10-10 06:11:32 PDT)

    100% positive feedback speaks for itself.:)
  5. Re: Movie Maniacs 3 Ed scissorhands variant (?)

    Upon close examination, I would have to say this one is flesh tone. Noting like the the movie, or the sticker from a movie scene it has on the front. Now that I have that out of the way, I still...
  6. Item relisted, heres the new link:

    NECA gears of War Series 1 Sniper action figure

    NECA Gears of War Series 1 SNIPER! US SELLER, MINT BOX - eBay (item 190414843875 end time Jul-13-10 15:08:17 PDT)
  7. NECA Gears of War S1 Sniper auction eBay

    have one of these up right now, bidding starts at $30.

    NECA Gears of War Series 1 SNIPER! US SELLER, MINT BOX - eBay (item 190411609885 end time Jul-06-10 14:19:52 PDT)
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    Re: marcus fenix series 3 gold lancer ?

    whoo!!!! Finally got this dude, paid $70 and had it shipped from Canada. Got a S1 drone and S1 sniper outta the deal too for $15 each. Youre right about it being fulfilling, I feel so much...
  9. Movie Maniacs 3 Ed scissorhands variant (?)

    I just found this dude at my local comic book store, but it has a gold-colored bubble rather than a normal clear one. I know its old, and thought it might just be severely yellowed, but its still...
  10. Gears of War S2 Box Set for sale!!!

    Hi people,

    I have an extra S2 box set Im trying to get rid of... It has marcus, Dom, baird, and a theron Sentinel. Its still factory sealed, minor shelf wear. I would confirm that it is at...
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    Re: marcus fenix series 3 gold lancer ?

    Amazon's are about $200, which is unbelievable, theyre on eBay every now and then. I check it daily and have only seen one in the last 3 weeks. The bad thing is, everyone who has one knows what...
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    Re: DS God of War III

    Id be cool with statues. Theyre under $20 everywhere Ive seen them, so I have no clue at this point.

    Yeah, I totally meant 'DC' in the thread title.

    eBay already has the 2010 SDCc...
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    DS God of War III

    A few places have these on pre-order with est. ship date of November, just wondering if anyone knew the confirmed release date. They look sick...
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    Just what it says, I need the Gears of War Series 1 box set in an awful way. I dont necessarily care if its not factory sealed, but want it complete with a box thats in fair condition.

    Also need...
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    Re: Looking for sita street fighters


    They have a LOT of Sota SF figures, and most are pretty cheap. It might not be the variant you want, SOTA did many, many, many variants. Sakura and Gen come in, like, 5...
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    Re: Toys you had growing up?

    I played with Ghost Busters, Ninja Turtles, and the old WCW wrestling figures that had no articulation. They were just a solid mold and came with a little gold championship belt. My my, how toys...
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