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    TF2010: DC Universe Classics

    Mattel's DC Universe Classics continues to grow in 2010...

    Toy Fair 2010 coverage brought to you by the following fine sponsors:,, and (

    Mattel had a very good showing of new DC collectibles at their Toy Fair showroom this year including DCUC single carded releases, 2-packs and a new exclusive 5-packs.

    DC Universe Classics

    The entire Wave 13 was on display in production size at Mattel's Collector Media Event:
    Blue Beetle (Modern) featuing double-hinged knee joints
    * Cheetah (Classic)
    * Cheetah (Modern)
    * Negative Man (Bandaged)
    * Negative Man (Unbandaged)
    * Superboy
    * Wondergirl
    * Blue Devil
    * Cyclotron (Super Powers)
    * Trigon (Collect and Connect)

    2-Ups of 2010's Exclusive Wal-Mart Wave 14 were also on display:
    * Zatanna (with removable hat)
    * Kamandi
    * Obsidian
    * Gold (Metal Men)
    * Hourman (Classic)
    * Tyr (Super Powers)
    * Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
    * Ultra Humanite (Collect and Connect)

    Wal-Mart Exclusive 2-Packs
    * Dynamic Duo (includes Batman repaint and Tim Drake Robin repaint)
    * Undersea Assault (Includes Aquaman with golden shirt and Black manta dark blue repaint)

    Wal-Mart Exclusive Green Lantern 5-Pack
    On Display:
    * Guy Gardner
    * Tomar Re

    Not Shown:
    * Hal Jordan (with gray temples)
    * John Stewart (Mosaic costume)
    * Sinestro (Green Lantern costume)

    The DCUC Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive will be revealed in April and will feature 5 packed-in accesories one of which will be exclusive to the show only.

    For a great selection of action figures and collectibles,,,,

    For a great selection of pop culture t-shirts and apparel, check out and

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    Re: TF2010: DC Universe Classics

    Superboy?! That is the best thing I have heard! Finally the return of Superboy to action figures since that ridiculous litigation!

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    Re: TF2010: DC Universe Classics

    Quote Originally Posted by Alkeoholic77 View Post
    Superboy?! That is the best thing I have heard! Finally the return of Superboy to action figures since that ridiculous litigation!
    Hopefully a badass SuperBOY Prime won't be too far behind! The DC Direct version was nice, but I'd love to see the Horsemen take a crack at him and give him useful articulation.

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