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    An Ani*Statue Explosion

    A slew of new anime gals (and guys) for 2010....

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    The sultry Rei & Asuka Plug-Suit Version PVC statue captures these Evangelion pilots in a quiet moment, outfitted in their plug-suits, Asuka in Rei's arms. Measuring approximately 8" tall, this piece (sculpted for Kotobukiya by Naoki Nishimura) expertly captures these Neon Genesis Evangelion characters beautifully.

    Available in MARCH priced at a SRP of $69.99.


    Released as a companion piece to the best selling Rei & Asuka Plug Suit Ani*Statues, this set features the main men of the series: SHINJI IKARI and KAWORU NAGISA. The duo are seated in their school uniforms on a giant logo base, and finely detailed by sculptor Saki Asada. This high-quality pvc statue comes ready for display right out of its window box package.

    Available in MARCH priced at a SRP of $59.99.

    ** HAPPINESS! **


    Continuing the new series of 4-Leaves "Legend Girls," bishoujo figures that celebrate the classic character types in Japanese manga and anime, is a beloved character from Windmill's famous Happiness! game series, the gender bending JUN WATARASE. Though male, Jun cross dresses in a girl’s high school uniform to accent his feminine looks and make him more popular with other boys. You can display Jun in two distinct ways with included extra pieces, either with the normal cute face or a second one with mouth open and alternate left arm touching his lips! Sculpted by Takahiro Obata and standing 7 inches tall (1/8th scale), Jun is constructed of high-quality pvc plastic and comes with an acrylic display base.

    Available in MARCH priced at a SRP of $59.99.



    Originally released as a garage kit in 2003, the legendary character is back and better than ever with coloring true to the anime series. The checkered skirt was the biggest hassle for painters of the garage kit, but no more! The detail work on Kaho is excellent, from her pretty face down to the laces on her tennis shoes and the intricate paint work on her skirt. “Moe” lovers will especially appreciate the space between her body and school uniform. Standing 7 inches tall (in 1/7th scale), Kaho was sculpted by Hide and is constructed of high-quality pvc plastic.

    Available in FEBRUARY priced at a SRP of $54.99.


    Originally released as a garage kit in 2002, the classic Sister Princess swimsuit-clad beauty is back, fully painted and ready for you to display! Updated for this new release, Sakuya’s sculpt is top notch, with intricate detailing on the young lady’s necklace and weapon. The most difficult thing about the original garage kit was getting the paint just right, but Kotobukiya’s master painters have made that a thing of the past. Sakuya’s creamy skin tone is perfectly offset by her peach and orange bikini, brown belt and hair, and bright blue eyes. Standing 7 inches tall (in 1/8th scale), Sakuya was sculpted by Takahiro Ayase and comes fully assembled.

    Available in MARCH priced at a SRP of $54.99.



    From the brand new sequel series just launched on Japanese television, Shakugan No Shana "Second" is a manga & anime series about a perpetual war between forces of balance and imbalance in the universe, featuring a soldier from the side of balance who comes to be known simply as SHANA.

    This gorgeous pvc statue of Shana features the Flame Haze Warrior in a lovely swimsuit – with a very special feature... the bikini color is made lighter when the temperature increases! Shana also includes "Nietono no Shana," her samurai sword, and a bonus hermit crab figure to perfectly compliment the beach display base. This 1/8th scale figure measures approximately 4 3/4 inches tall in her kneeling position. Sculpted by Munetoshi Kajio this toy comes in its original Japanese language window box package.

    Available in now priced at a SRP of $34.99.



    Originally released as a limited edition event exclusive garage kit in 2002, Miss Sakaki is back in a fully assembled and painted Ani*Statue! The beautiful Sakaki-san is dressed in her tight yellow swimsuit that highlights all of her sexy curves, especially her ample bust line. Completely relaxed, the schoolgirl reclines with her arms behind her and legs stretched out. The look on Sakaki’s face is serene, dominated by her huge blue eyes. While the original kit required assembly and painting, this new version comes fully assembled and painted to Kotobukiya’s high standards. Reclining on a specially designed base, Sakaki is 4 inches tall and 7 inches long (1/7th scale). Sculpted by Gen Ishizuka, the high school beauty is constructed of high-quality pvc plastic.

    Available in MARCH priced at a SRP of $54.99.


    The schoolgirl, originally released as a limited event exclusive garage kit in 2002, is back in a beautiful Ani*Statue that requires no assembly or painting! Serene and composed, the day dreaming Osaka sits curled up with an inflatable pink floatation tube on a specially designed base. Dressed in a nondescript red swimsuit, the innocently cute girl looks upward with her huge brown eyes as though she were looking straight into yours. Great care has been placed on making Osaka’s pose look natural, and so the young schoolgirl rests one hand on the other and sits with one leg forward and the other turned to the side. Sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige, Osaka is 4 inches tall (1/7th scale) and is constructed of high-quality pvc plastic.

    Available in MARCH priced at a SRP of $49.99.



    The former slave and magician's assistant to the hero Rance, Sill Plain is herself a mage proficient in both healing and fighting magic. In this new version, Sill wears her classic white cape over a skin-tight shirt, while her waist is circled by a mini skirt being gently blown by the wind emphasizing her beautiful long and silky legs. Sill's voluminous pink hair was carefully sculpted in waves to match the original character illustration, and her pretty bishoujo-styled face is wide-eyed and smiling. Standing approximately 7 1/3 inches tall (1/8th scale) atop her included base, Sill Plain was sculpted by Munetoshi Makio and is constructed of pvc plastic.

    Available in MARCH priced at a SRP of $69.99.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails An Ani*Statue Explosion-eva01.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-eva02.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-pvc_rei-asuka_back.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-pvc_rei-asuka_front.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-pvc_rei-asuka_up.jpg  

    An Ani*Statue Explosion-rei-asuka_back.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-rei-asuka_front.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-wataraseb_front001.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-wataraseb_up001.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-watarasea_front001.jpg  

    An Ani*Statue Explosion-watarase_back001.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-kaho_back.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-kaho_front.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-kaho_up.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-sakuya_swimsuit_back.jpg  

    An Ani*Statue Explosion-sakuya_swimsuit_front.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-sakuya_swimsuit_up.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-syana_back2.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-syana_front1..jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-syana_front4.jpg  

    An Ani*Statue Explosion-osaka_main.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-osaka_side.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-sakaki_side.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-sillv002.jpg   An Ani*Statue Explosion-sillv003.jpg  

    An Ani*Statue Explosion-sillv_up002.jpg  

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