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    Space, The Final Frontier...

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    In Star Trek lore, there is no ship more iconic to the franchise than the U.S.S. Enterprise. It’s been made into a toy countless times before but here we have a first in that it’s built by you, brick by brick. LEGO has the Star Wars license with much success so Hasbro is fighting back with their Star Trek KRE-O toys.

    The set comes with 432 pieces, which actually doesn’t seem too bad for a ship of this nature, but that might also include pieces that build the minifigures or KREONS. There are five different KREONs unique to this set: Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and two Specialists. The specialists actually don’t really seem to belong here, even after seeing the movie. It could be one way of giving every set its heroes and its villains but I think it’s a misplaced opportunity for some really unique alien Starfleet members.

    In order to build all the members of the Starship Enterprise, you will need to purchase most every set available. To get Sulu, you’ll need “Spock’s Volcano Mission” (read our review HERE). To get Uhura, you’ll need the “Klingon Bird-of-Prey” (read our review HERE). For Scotty, “Transporter Trouble” is the set for you. The only key member of the Enterprise not accounted for now is Chekov.

    The KREON minifigures included in this set all have the same amount of articulation, which is around 8 points, and they also have their own phaser weapon as well.

    Building the U.S.S. enterprise is no small feat, and will take approximately two hours of your time. The color instructions are easy to follow for the most part but there is one section that is problematic. There’s a section beneath the main deck of the bridge that doesn’t stay snapped together. It’s an area that could be superglued together if you so desired and would not hurt the overall integrity of the ship. It actually might improve upon it since you won’t have to deal with bricks falling out so often.

    The rest of the ship is easy to build and also features Light Tech, a new building block piece that lights up with a touch of the button. For this ship in particular, three AAA alkaline batteries are required and not included. Once in though, a single button at the base of the ship can get everything lit up in no time.

    The bridge serves as a mini playset for our KREONs complete with computers and a large view screen. Decals are included for more color and details. Unfortunately, the Kreons will need to be removed prior to attaching the lid to the Enterprise.

    Also a feature of the Enterprise is a launching missile, but you can just as easily toss it aside to prevent losing it.

    The U.S.S. Enterprise is a lot of fun and a nifty display piece when all is said and done. You can find it at Toys’R’Us and Amazon for about $45-50.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Samples Courtesy of Hasbro

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_023.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_024.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_025.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_026.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_001.jpg  

    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_002.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_003.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_004.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_005.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_006.jpg  

    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_007.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_008.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_009.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_010.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_011.jpg  

    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_012.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_013.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_015.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_017.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_018.jpg  

    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_019.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_020.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_021.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O U.S.S. ENTERPRISE-enterprise_022.jpg  

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