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    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"

    Hasbro Boldly Goes Where No Building Block Has Gone Before...

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    STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS blasted its way into theaters last week and despite it is less than premium box office, it is still on its way to leave a decent mark when all is said and done. With the 12th Star Trek movie out, many have been wondering about the absence of toys to support the film. Many still, have also been wondering why fans of Star Wars and LEGO get all the fun. Finally, at long last, Hasbro’s Kre-O is changing that at last. These various LEGO-sized building sets represent INTO DARKNESS in both scenarios and themes, but being cute building blocks, they’re generic enough to represent older Trek if you so desired.

    The first set we’ll be taking a look at - Spock's Volcano Mission - takes place early on in the film so there aren’t any real spoilers to reveal. Spock is on its way to a foreign planet to stop a volcano from destroying a primitive planet. Sulu is offering his aid in flying the included shuttle craft. Also in this scene but not included in the toy set is Uhura.

    There are two minifigures, or KREONS included in this set as mentioned: Spock in Volcano gear and Sulu in standard costume. Spock has a removable helmet instead of the usual hair and pointy ears.

    Also included is a volcano with launching ash or lava bits and the main vehicle is the Shuttle Craft.

    The box packaging does a great job conveying what is included and how many pieces are inside but doesn’t come close to doing its job in describing all of the things included. For instance, no where on the box or the instructions does it tell you exactly what ship you’re building. It’s a transport of some kind, sure, but what is it really??

    Building the set is easy enough and certainly takes up to an hour of time max. A cool feature on the shuttle craft is the light-up button that illuminates the interior cockpit section of the ship. There’s also opening doors both below and up top to give Spock options on whether to climb through the bottom or clean from up top.

    Spock’s Volcano Mission is a simple set but a necessary one if you’re trying to build all of the crew of the Starship Enterprise. This small set should run you about $15-16 and is available at all retail outlets.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Samples Courtesy of Hasbro

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-1volcanpack.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_003.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_001.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_002.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_004.jpg  

    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_005.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_006.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_007.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_008.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_009.jpg  

    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_010.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_012.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_013.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_014.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_015.jpg  

    REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_016.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_017.jpg   REVIEW: Star Trek Kre-O "Spock's Volcano Mission"-spock_018.jpg  

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