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    MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection

    Find Out What's New This Fall...

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    The Mega Bloks Halo 2013 collection offers a whole new array of characters, weapons and vehicles - from Halo 4 and beyond - for collectors to build their own Halo battles. Mega Bloks is introducing some cool new innovations this year. One is a new "build & combine" assortment where collecting all three sets lets you combine them to create a bonus UNSC Booster Frame. No doubt the coolest innovation this year is the introduction of lights and in-game sound effects! Fans will start seeing these great features introduced with several new vehicles this Fall, including a UNSC Night Ops Gausshog and massive UNSC Pelican Gunship! Shown at Toy Fair, but with no photography allowed, were two new ONI vehicles that will see release later this year. These include an ONI Light Assault VTOL and a tracked UNSC Siege Bike (ONI Mark I).

    What follows is the Mega Bloks Halo 2013 collection along with new press images. For TONS more photos, be sure and check out our Toy Fair photo gallery at the link above!

    Micro Action Figures Series 7 (#96978)

    SRP: $2.99 each USD/ 3.99$ CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    Establish your army with Micro Action Figures Series 7 from Mega Bloks. Each Hero Pack contains a fully armed micro action figure ready to jump into the fight. Includes 10 common, 5 rare & 1 ultra rare micro action figures. Collect them all and lead your forces to victory!

    Halo Armory Pack IV

    SRP: $5.99 each / $6.99 CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    * UNSC Ammo Pack I (97037V) approx. 23 pcs
    * Covenant Weapons Pack (97076U) approx. 26 pcs
    * UNSC Weapons Pack (97165U) approx. 24 pcs
    * Forerunner Weapons Pack (97166U)

    Build and expand your units with an assortment of new Halo Armory Packs by Mega Bloks. Features:
    • Assortment includes decorated weapons & new characters.
    • First Forerunner armory pack featuring a Promethean Watcher.
    • Three new armory packs rebuild into a cool weapon stand.

    Build & Combine Assortment

    SRP: $9.99 each / 10.99$ CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    * UNSC C&C Console (97131U): A UNSC Marine heads to the command and control console to alert troops of incoming Covenant forces. Prepare the UNSC for inbound hostile enemies with the Mega Bloks UNSC C&C Console. Combine the UNSC C&C Console with the UNSC Hangar Deck and the Forerunner Terminal to build a UNSC Booster Frame! (approx. 60 pcs) Set includes all-new Halo 4 Marine figure.

    * UNSC Hangar Deck (97133U): During a Forerunner ambush on a UNSC ship, a cyan UNSC Spartan in EVA armor secures the Hangar Deck for incoming battle-damaged UNSC aircraft. Support the attack with the Mega Bloks UNSC Hangar Deck. Combine the UNSC Hangar Deck with the UNSC C&C Console and the Forerunner Terminal to build a UNSC Booster Frame! (approx. 53 pcs)

    * Forerunner Terminal (97170U): A Promethean Alpha Crawler defends a Forerunner Terminal from UNSC and Covenant access. Guard the terminal with the Mega Bloks Forerunner Terminal. Combine the Forerunner Terminal with the UNSC C&C Console and the UNSC Hangar Deck to build a UNSC Booster Frame! (approx. 69 pcs) Set includes all-new Halo 4 Alpha Crawler.

    Halo Combat Unit X

    SRP: $11.99 USD/ $12.99 CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    * Brute Battle Pack (97082U): The Brute Battle Unit pits a green UNSC Officer and green UNSC Spartan Security (NEW!) against a Brute Chieftain and active camo Brute Stalker (NEW!). (approx. 42 pcs)
    * ODST Battle Pack (97085U): The ODST Battle Unit pits an ODST and an active camo ODST against a Covenant Grunt and gold Hunter. Let the battle begin! (approx. 37 pcs)

    UNSC Cryo Bay

    SRP: $11.99 USD/ $12.99 CAD ǀ Available: Now

    Awakening from the Cryo Bay aboard his space vessel, the Master Chief prepares to receive mission orders from his A.I. Cortana. With ready access to an Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle and Sticky Detonator from the weapons rack, he is prepared to fight enemies of the UNSC in any combat scenario. Approximately 72 pieces.

    Cyclops Assortment

    SRP: $14.99 USD/ $16.99 CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    * Cyclops Jungle Strike (97006V) approx. 47 pcs
    * Cyclops Desert Strike (97007V) approx. 47 pcs
    * Arctic Strike Cyclops (97107U) approx. 63 pcs
    * Attack Ops Cyclops (97108U) approx. 54 pcs

    Covenant Spectre Ambush

    SRP: $21.99 USD/ $23.99 CAD ǀ Available: Now

    Establish your army, build and expand your units with the Halo Covenant Spectre Ambush by Mega Bloks! The Spectre is a mobile light anti-infantry and troop transport vehicle with a plasma turret that fires in a full 360-degree arc. Two Covenant Elites take aim at a lone UNSC Marine, who detaches a missile pod from its turret in a last desperate attempt to survive.

    UNSC Mantis

    SRP: $32.99 USD/ $34.99 CAD ǀ Available: Now

    The UNSC Mantis is the new multi-purpose battle mech that can turn anyone into an unstoppable one-man army. Its reinforced front facing armor helps protect the UNSC Spartan Warrior inside, while the heavy machine gun and 5-tube missile launcher makes short work of enemy units. Approximately 183 pieces.

    UNSC Night Ops Gausshog

    SRP: $32.99 USD/ $34.99 CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    The UNSC Gausshog is the light anti-armor variant of the Warthog LRV. Equipped with a 360 rotating Gauss Cannon, real working suspension and specially engineered floodlights, the Spartan Pathfinder and his Spartan gunner open fire on a Knight Lancer armed with a Suppressor. Now in desert camo with light features and in-game sounds, the Mega Bloks UNSC Night Ops Gausshog lets you play more than ever before! Approximately 220 pieces.

    Cauldron Clash

    SRP: $44.99 USD/ $47.99 CAD ǀ Available: Now

    Welcome to the Cauldron Clash by Mega Bloks – a multi-player map on Requiem where the best troops mix it up in a fight for survival inside a Forerunner structure. Two new UNSC Marines are in tough against Promethean Knight, Watcher and Crawler that are programmed to defend its Forerunner secrets at any cost. Accessories and weapons include Backpack, Railgun, Designated Marksman Rifle. Combine the Cauldron with other Battlescapes and sets to create your own epic Halo maps! Approximately 518 pieces.

    UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra (97139)

    SRP: $49.99 USD/ $54.99 CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    The UNSC Cobra is a surprisingly agile and fast 6x6 dual-mode battle tank. While in mobile mode, the Cobra can quickly cover long distances and launch a powerful offensive using its twin 30mm light railguns. It can also transform into lock-down mode and deploy a huge turret mounted 105mm light railgun that can punch through most Covenant shields and vehicles with ease. Featured with dual transformation, lights and in-game sounds, the Mega Bloks UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra lets you create the battle like never before! Approximately 400 pieces.

    UNSC Hornet vs. Covenant Vampire (97123)

    SRP: $69.99 USD/ $74.99 CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    Build the aerial battle between the Hornet & Vampire. Set includes 6 collectible figures including the new Spartan Recruit & Engineer! Hornet with in-game sounds & lights! Approximately 680 pieces.

    UNSC Pelican Gunship (97129)

    SRP: $99.99 USD/ $109.99 CAD ǀ Available: Fall 2013

    New buildable Pelican with 3 Majestic Team micro action figures (Spartan Operator, Pathfinder & Scout). Also includes first ever light up Knight Battlewagon figure! In-game sounds & lights! Approximately 1,160 pieces.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo1.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo2.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo3.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo4.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo5.jpg  

    MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo6.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo7.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo8.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo9.jpg   MEGA Bloks Halo 2013 Collection-1megahalo10.jpg  

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