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    REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT

    10 Inches of Web-Slingin' Action Figure Fun...

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    In addition to the smaller playsets and mini-figures, Mega Bloks has created a buildable figure for the older kids, a Spider-Man Techbot. Geared for ages 6 and up, this super-poseable robot comes in 46 pieces but once youíre done, itís nearly 10 inches of web-slinginí fun.

    The box is thick and colorful, providing an accurate portrayal of whatís inside and since Mega Bloks is based out of Canada, thereís several different languages to read out as well. Within, youíll find a full-color instruction manual and a few pouches containing a variety of pieces. The manual provides a handy guide of every piece and quantity needed so my first tip would be to organize every piece in the same manner. It makes for a much easier time building. Itís one thing to build a car but an entirely different mindset is needed to build human anatomy and poseable joints.

    Once the Amazing Spider-Man Techbot is built, you have one figure and one accessory weapon that plugs into the arm (left or right) and a ball that fires from it. The ball-firing launcher isnít really essential to the fun personally but youíre welcome to fire at other toys and figures if you wish.

    The figure itself, as mentioned earlier, is super poseable with nearly 30 moving parts. Thatís not too shabby! With that range, you can do quite a bit of poses but where he is a bit limited is in the waist and torso area. But otherwise, pretty fun to pose.

    If there is one drawback to the Techbot, itís the lack of detail or parts on his backside. A lot of the emphasis is on the front with the appropriate armor and such, but the back is left pretty bare.

    In the end, if youíre into building robots and especially when theyíre Spider-Man, this is your ticket. It would have been fun if there was a seat for the mini-figure to be placed into to control, but I think this product was intended for a different purpose entirely. Still, a slight missed opportunity there.

    The Spider-Man Techbot can be found wherever Mega Bloks toys are sold.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Amazing Spider-Man Techbot Courtesy of Mega Bloks

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0001.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0002.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0002b.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0003.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0004.jpg  

    REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0005.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0006.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0007.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0008.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0008b.jpg  

    REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0009.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0010.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0012.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0013.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0014.jpg  

    REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0016.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0017.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0018.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0019.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0020.jpg  

    REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0022.jpg   REVIEW: Mega Bloks Spider-Man TECHBOT-spideytechbot_0024.jpg  

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