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    REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters

    A Fun New Way To Collect All Your Favorite CARS Characters...

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    Found in your local retailer aisles right now is a brand new item that Mattel has launched for its Disney-Pixar CARS brand: Micro Drifters. These aren’t to be confused with Squinkies, but they are a neat new way for kids and collectors alike to collect their favorite cars.

    The difference between Micro Drifters and your standard Hot Wheel or CARS brand car is first their size; they’re called “micro” for a reason. If you put the two side by side, it would look like a Lighting McQueen Jr. Second, a single ball-bearing serves as the only mode for movement. Installed closer to the front of the car, the forward weight causes the cars to drift in a variety of ways depending on speed and direction.

    Each 3-pack of the Micro Drifters contain a different set of cars that are visible to the buyer, making collecting the characters you want that much easier. The set we’re looking at comes with Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, and Clutch Aid no. 121. The “Roll Me” feature allows you to spin the package around, sending one car in a loop, just so you can get an idea of what you’re buying before you commit. It’s a clever and interactive feature.

    CARS Micro Drifters 3-packs are about $5.99 at retail and located next to the usual assortment of Disney-Pixar Cars merchandise. There’s a few other sets and carrying cases too so keep your eyes open for those as well.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh
    Cars Micro Drifters Courtesy of Mattel

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars1.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars2.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars3.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars4.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars5.jpg  

    REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars6.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars7.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars8.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars9.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars10.jpg  

    REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars11.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars12.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars13.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars14.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars15.jpg  

    REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars16.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars17.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars18.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars19.jpg   REVIEW: CARS Micro Drifters-1microcars20.jpg  

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