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    Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper

    PLUS: E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster...

    Sideshow is now accepting pre-orders on a new 12-inch Star Wars figure: the Snowtrooper. A favorite of mine, this Imperial soldier features:

    - Fully Articulated Prometheus 1.1 body
    - Cold weather assault gear including:
    - Helmet
    - Face shield
    - Armored body shell
    - Survival backpack
    - Arm guards, shoulder pauldrons, knee guards and elbow guards
    - Heavy cold weather boots
    - Heavy cold weather gloves (multiple poses)
    - Insulated thermal body suit
    - E-11 Carbine blaster
    - Thermal detonator
    - Snow covered display base
    - Sideshow Exclusive: Vintage Blaster Rifle

    The Snowtrooper is priced at $149.99 and scheduled to ship January 2013.

    Sideshow is also accepting pre-orders on the E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster, a new 1:6 scale accessory for the Snowtrooper figure. This weapon kit is also priced at $149.99 and scheduled to ship January 2013.

    Payment options are available for both new Star Wars items.

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper1.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper2.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper3.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper4.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper5.jpg  

    Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper6.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper7.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper8.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper9.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1sidesnowtrooper10.jpg  

    Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb1.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb2.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb3.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb4.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb5.jpg  

    Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb7.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb8.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb9.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb10.jpg   Sideshow 12" Star Wars: Snowtrooper-1eweb11.jpg  

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