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    Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette

    "Tonight I dine on turtle soup!"

    Exclusive Shredder Comiquette is IN-STOCK priced at $224.99. FLEXPay is available as a payment option.

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    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first appeared in comics in 1984 and quickly went from an indie comic book to a worldwide phenomenon, with countless toys, television shows, movies, video games, and more that had an entire generation screaming “Turtle Power”! But despite how the Turtles have changed over the years and the many adaptations that have come and gone, one thing has remained constant: the ultimate enemy has been and will always be the Shredder. Sideshow Collectibles has captured the menacing Oroku Saki as an imposing addition to you TMNT collection, fitting right in with their previously released Turtles and Mouser Comiquettes.

    Shredder comes packaged just like the other characters in the series, with black and white artwork from the original TMNT comic on all sides. Each side also features full-color photography of the statue, while the back features a bio on the character. It’s interesting to note that this package also features what is probably the first use of the Nickelodeon logo on Ninja Turtles product, as they are now the worldwide rights holders of the property. Inside, Shredder is securely protected by a Styrofoam shell and wrapped in plastic.

    The overall design of the Shredder Comiquette is a simple one, with a design based on the original comic with minimal armor and a fairly streamlined, smooth sculpt. His outfit consists of a robe and sash that are sculpted to accentuate the cloth, with wrinkles and folds in the fabric.

    The highlight of the statue is the multiple pieces of armor placed on his shoulders, shins, and arms. Each piece features several spikes which I am happy to say Sideshow did not hesitate in making incredibly sharp. How many collectible statues do you own that can draw blood? So be careful when handling this piece as not only are you capable of injuring yourself, it is also possible to break the fine points of the blades, or in the case of the sample I received, an entire spike could detach. All of the armor and helmets feature a metallic silver paint to complete the metal look.

    The Exclusive version of the Shredder Comiquette features three different head sculpts to place on the figure. The first sculpt is the classic Shredder comic sculpt with the black face and white eyes peering out from beneath the helmet and mask. The second sculpt is the cartoon-based sculpt featuring the visible eyes and mask.

    The third, and my least favorite is the Exclusive head, which is the unmasked portrait featuring the face of Oroku Saki. I think the area where the sculpt fails for me is the lack of detail and poor paint application on the mouth. The outline of the teeth and the gums are painted in the same shade of pink as the lips that makes the whole mouth look muddy and weird.

    The statue stands crouched upon a rooftop base that is designed to match the one included with each of the Ninja Turtles’ bases to create a complete display.

    Overall, the Shredder Comiquette is fantastic piece that captures the sheer awesomeness of the TMNT villain and a must-have statue for your Turtles collection. Hopefully, this isn’t the final piece in the TMNT line and we’ll see Comiquettes of Casey Jones, April O’Neil and Splinter in the near future. The Exclusive Shredder Comiquette is still available now from Sideshow Collectibles!

    Review and Photos by Michael Klein

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder1.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder2.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder3.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder4.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder5.jpg  

    Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder6.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder7.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-shredder8.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04859.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04861.jpg  

    Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04862.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04863.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04865.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04866.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04867.jpg  

    Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04868.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04869.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04871.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04872.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04873.jpg  

    Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04876.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04879.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04880.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04883.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04886.jpg  

    Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04888.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04890.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04896.jpg   Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette-dsc04899.jpg  

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    Re: Sideshow TMNT Shredder Comiquette

    I wish they'd at least release that Shredder figure they cancelled a few years back as a con exclusive or something.

    I know a lot of people who were planning to buy that and whose TMNT figure collection will never be complete without him.

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