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    Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask

    Cool by design...

    Sideshow's 1:1 Stalker Predator Mask is IN-STOCK NOW priced at $329.99. FLEXPay is available as a payment choice.

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    The last time I had the distinct privilege to review one of these life-size Predator bio-masks, it was Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.'s "Chopper" Mask from Alien vs Predator (read my full review HERE). Where Sideshow only did the packaging and distribution for that awesome bad boy, today's unusual specimen - the "Stalker" Predator Mask- was totally produced in-house. Some may consider that a disadvantage as ADI not only made the "Chopper" collectible, they actually designed the mask for the movie. In other words, that mask was pretty darn authentic. Sideshow's "Stalker" mask, however, is a very special case.

    While a fully licensed Predator collectible - The "Stalker" mask isn't from any Predator movie. It is instead a completely original design conceived by award-winning Special Makeup FX artist, creature designer, Producer and Director Steve Wang. There is no film version for comparison and critique. There is just Sideshow's talented expertise and Steve Wang's unique vision to judge this cool Predator project by. Disadvantage? Quite the opposite...

    PACKAGING: In case the term "life-size" didn't clue you in, the box this replica ships in is ginormous. Actually, make that two ginormous boxes. Much like the "Chopper" mask, the "Stalker" arrives protected in layers. An outer cardboard box shields the replica from the cuts and bruises of shipping, while another box inside contains the Styrofoam-snug replica. The inner box this time around is a pretty slick affair; the entire package adorned with attractive "Stalker" photos and text. For those that can't wait to open it up, the mask's edition number is printed on the bottom of the box. Mine's 73 out of only 1000 made.

    SCULPT: Predator purists may have a hard time accepting this original mask design as part of their movie collections, but I doubt many will question just how cool it looks. Steve Wang is responsible for many well-known sci-fi SFX projects, including his work on Blade 3, Hellboy, Gremlins 2 and Beetlejuice. While his past work with Stan Winston on Predator was no doubt a contributing factor in this mask's creation, the "Stalker's" design is clearly more inspired by his past Japanese film projects, most notably, Guyver. It's all about the insectoid eyes and prevalent bio-mechanical theme.

    Don't get me wrong - the masks worn by the Super-Preds in 2010's Predators were amazing designs; a refreshing new take on the appearance of the Predator bio-helmet. Steve Wang's "Stalker" mask, however, is what I would have RATHER SEEN on screen. Mr. Wang's approach to the Predator bio-helmet design is vastly more sophisticated and technologically advanced, the "Stalker" screaming high-tech killing machine. The bug-like lenses convey the feeling of a very alien culture, while the sharp blades fanning off the mouth piece threaten with thoughts of war. The bio-helmet has always been an intricate part of the Predator's weapon system, but never has it looked so much like a weapon.

    PAINT: Helping to accurately depict the more high-tech nature of the mask, Sideshow has painted the replica in highly polished metallic silver. Where the "Chopper" appeared as if it were hammered out of dull steel, the "Stalker" appears as if it was laser cut out of mirrored titanium. It's a slick presentation that really sets the "Stalker" apart from previous Predator mask replicas. To lend the mask a more "lived-in" look, realistic oil smears, chips, dings and scratches have been applied. The weathering clearly indicates that this isn't some fancy ceremonial mask, but a helmet used in full-blown combat.

    FEATURES: Complimenting the "Stalker" mask's metallic sheen is the use of brilliant blue in both the lenses and spectacular light-up feature. Unlike the "Chopper" mask's letdown painted on lens, the "Stalker" actually stars two translucent blue plastic eye pieces. These go a long way in giving the replica a more realistic appearance, even if you can't wear the mask. Despite being see-through, the blue lenses do not light-up. The Predator's iconic tri-laser, however, does. Usually this targeting system is mounted on the side of the mask, but Steve Wang's design smartly places it dead center on the forehead.

    To activate the tri-laser's light-up feature, simply flick the switch found on the back of the mask. Powered by three AA batteries (which ARE included, Hoorah!), the tri-laser emits a powerful blue glow. Like the "Chopper," the light radiated is defused and not the focused laser beams as seen in the movie. Still, it looks really cool, upping the already huge wow factor of the replica two-fold.

    Last but not least is the included neutral - but essential -display base. Painted a glossy black and grey with three red tri-laser dots (an odd color choice since the mask's laser is blue), the incredibly heavy and sturdy stand supports the "Stalker" replica via a magnet plug and socket system. Where the "Chopper's" magnetic connection was almost TOO strong, the "Stalker" brings the power down a notch for smoother - and safer - docking. Unlike the "Chopper," I no longer have the fear of the lighter resin mask cracking when being placed on the mount.

    The bottom of the display base, which features scratch-free felt pads, shows off a cool Predator graphic, licensing info, along with that most important edition size number. Collectors all love to brag about their collectibles and only 1000 pieces produced certainly qualifies as bragging material. Combine that low number with the replica's massive size and awesome good looks and fans owning the "Stalker" have plenty to brag about with their friends.

    COST & OVERALL IMPRESSION: As mentioned, Sideshow's 1:1 "Stalker" Predator Mask isn't for everyone. Passionate Predator fans that are opposed to non-canon concepts like the "Stalker" will most likely pass. There is also the issue of price, $330 far from being cheap.

    For the rest of us seeking something new and exciting to enhance our Predator collection, the "Stalker" mask more than fits the bill. I have nothing but tons of love for Sideshow going out on a limb with a project like this. Steve Wang's "Stalker" mask design is like a Predator fanboy's wet dream come true. What Predator fan hasn't pondered "what if?" or sketched and doodled their own mask idea? Thanks to Sideshow and Steve Wang, fans can put their pencils down and stop wondering...

    Sideshow's 1:1 Stalker Predator Mask is IN-STOCK NOW priced at $329.99. FLEXPay is available as a payment choice.

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1spsculpt.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1spsculpt2.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1spstand.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1sptop.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-compare.jpg  

    Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-end.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-light.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-lightswitch.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-pack3.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close.jpg  

    Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close2.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close3.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close4.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close5.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close8.jpg  

    Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close9.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close10.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close11.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-close12.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-full2.jpg  

    Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-full3.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-full4.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-full5.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-full8.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-full11.jpg  

    Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-full12.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-pack2.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-pack4.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-base10.jpg   Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask-1stalkerpred-light5.jpg  

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    Re: Sideshow 1:1 STALKER Predator Mask

    Must get! Great review & pictures.

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