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    October Toys' OMFG! Series 1

    Move over M.U.S.C.L.E., the Outlandish Mini Figure Guys are here...

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    If you were a kid that grew up in the '80s, chances are really good that you collected, or at least heard of, M.U.S.C.L.E. The small (usually) pink figures that resembled rubber erasers featured a vast array of exotic characters of mutants and monsters. I never invested too heavily in the line, but I owned a few, and it was always a blast going over to my friend's house to admire and trade these bizarre little collectibles.

    Last year, small toy company October Toys tapped the retro nostalgia of M.U.S.C.L.E. with a new series called O.M.F.G.! While the acronym immediately calls to mind risque netspeak, it actually stands for Outlandish Mini Figure Guys. Catchy!

    OMFG! originated in the October Toys/ ToyBreak forums inviting fans to submit character designs they'd like to see in the first assortment. From 40 crazy concepts submitted from across the globe, the group whittled the selection down to the very best 5. These include the figures up for review today:

    * Multiskull - designed and sculpted by Charles Marsh (aka Monsterforge) from South Carolina

    * Crawdad Kid - designed and sculpted by Daniel Yu (aka Dory) from Singapore

    * Phantom Outhouse - designed by Kyle Thye from Iowa and sculpted by Ralph Niese from Germany

    * King Castor - designed and sculpted by Dominic Campisi (aka The Evil Earwig) from California

    * Stroll - designed by John “Spanky” Stokes from California and sculpted by George Gaspar from California (co-owner of October Toys)

    With the character designs picked for the first series, sculpting got underway. Several months later, all that remained was production and manufacturing. Using the online funding platform Kickstarter, October Toys once again asked fans for their help in making OMFG! a reality. I caught wind of this project late last summer, right towards the end, around when October Toys was close to reaching their monetary goal. While I was immediately drawn to these retro-cool figure designs, it was the attractive incentives that spurred me on to donating. For just $10 I was guaranteed one set of five (5) flesh colored OMFG! Series 1 mini figures... and a sticker (I actually received a mini-poster and bookmark too)! That in itself was a bargain, but the fact that I helped launch this ingenious toy line was the real reward.

    As for the figures themselves: You either love 'em or hate' em. For me, M.U.S.C.L.E. nostalgia certainly plays a part. I simply admire their small, simplistic collectible charm. Actually, "simplistic" is probably the wrong word. While yes, these do lack elaborate paint apps and articulation, their sculpts are surprisingly complex for such tiny toys. Two of my favorite characters, Multiskull and King Castor, certainly reflect this the most with their sharp and intricate lines. Just look at all dem bones! They are all such fun designs, from the silly potty humor of the Phantom Outhouse to the more serious (just a tad) crustacean soldier concept of Crawdad Kid.

    OMFG! Series 1 in the original pink color scheme just shipped to all those that helped fund the project. For those that missed out, many alternate colors can be had exclusively at the following websites:

    * Green - Exclusive

    * Blue (312c) - Exclusive

    * Yellow - Exclusive

    * Pheyden Blue - Exclusive - (Sold Out)

    And don't forget to submit a design for OMFG! Series 2! Join in the fun at

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1omfg-all2.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1omfg-all3.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1omfg-compare.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1omfg-pack1.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1omfg-pack2.jpg  

    October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1crawdadkid.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1crawdadkid1.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1crawdadkid2.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1crawdadkid3.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1crawdadkid4.jpg  

    October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1kingcastor.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1kingcastor1.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1kingcastor2.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1kingcastor3.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1kingcastor4.jpg  

    October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1kingcastor5.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1multiskull.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1multiskull1.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1multiskull2.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1multiskull3.jpg  

    October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1multiskull4.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1phantomouthouse.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1phantomouthouse1.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1phantomouthouse2.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1phantomouthouse3.jpg  

    October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1phantomouthouse4.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1stroll.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1stroll2.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1stroll3.jpg   October Toys' OMFG! Series 1-1omfg-all.jpg  

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    Re: October Toys' OMFG! Series 1

    These quirky little things look great!
    Sore Wa Kantan Desu!

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    Re: October Toys' OMFG! Series 1


    I want that in 12" and Glow-In-The-Dark!

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    Re: October Toys' OMFG! Series 1

    Multiskull! I want that in 12" and Glow-In-The-Dark!
    That would be cool, or even as a larger vinyl figure. Either way, bigger would be better!

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