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    Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E

    The best WALL-E figure ever made...

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    If youíre like me and dying for more action figures based on your favorite Pixar films, you neednít look further than Japanís new line of Revoltech Pixar Figure Collection toys. Just released is no. 002 in the series, WALL-E, the lead robot character from the film of the same name.

    While the Thinkway Toys were fun during the movieís release, there was never a version of WALL-E that could capture the range of emotion and action depicted in the film. Even the more expensive robots that could dance and move around werenít capable of performing all the bells and whistles. Revoltech delivers a figure that, while isnít perfect, comes pretty close. Closer than itís ever been actually and if youíre a fan, it might just be worth that $25-30 you spend to acquire this guy.

    The figure comes on a standard card and bubble with all of the accessories prominently displayed. The back of the card shows off some of the things you can make WALL-E do and it also shows off a few other Pixar characters on the way, including: Nemo, Lightning McQueen, Mr. Incredible, Woody, and Sulley & Boo.

    The sculpt of this figure is spot on but itís the articulation that really gives it so much more heart. WALL-E is an expressive robot and with the extra options on where to place the arms, it becomes arms & legs (literally) above the Thinkway figures. That is a bit of the downside as well though when it comes to Revoltech toys. The pegs used for connecting the head, neck, arms, and treads are not made of the strongest material and actually donít allow for the most fluid motion. Pegs need to be removed and re-inserted to angle the arms the direction you want, making it somewhat annoying to reposition.

    But the peg system does allow WALL-E to be more flexible in how youíd like to present him on the shelf and does add for better play value. Removing most of the pegs allows him to get into his compact state, though his arms should be a part of this mode.

    Letís talk about the articulation because it is pretty decent. In the neck alone are five different places to adjust the position. And what sets WALL-E different from the rest? Expressive eyes. Heís given the option to adjust his goggles up or down to give him more of a sad expression. There are twelve points of articulation in the arms and hands, with three different options on placement. The feet/treads have three points of movement to change it up, but the treads do not move, nor are there wheels on the bottom.

    Paint-wise, WALL-E looks great. Heís not as rusty looking as he was in the film but heís somewhat rusted. There could probably be a few more details but I think it looks great as is. All the lines are clean, no easy feat for a figure this size. An extra wash may make the treads look more realistic but not a huge issue.

    Packed with WALL-E are a few accessories including his cockroach friend, fire extinguisher, trash cube, and the plant inside the boot.

    All in all, this is a great figure. Take special care in handling the pegs though as they can break easily if youíre not careful. This figure is almost perfect. So close. If he had an opening door for the trash cube to fit in, that would really make this toy incredible. But even without it, itís the best WALL-E figure ever made.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0001.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0002.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0003.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0004.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0005.jpg  

    Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0006.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0008.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0010.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0011.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0014.jpg  

    Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0015.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0018.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0019.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0020.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0021.jpg  

    Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0022.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0024.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0025.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0007.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-1wallepack.jpg  

    Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-walle_0016.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-1walleviews.jpg   Revoltech PIXAR Figure Collection - WALL-E-1wallemove.jpg  

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