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    Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight

    It talks too...

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    Working as a toy journalist does have its disadvantages. For one, it is extremely hard to surprise me with a new collectible as a gift. I already know everything that's coming out, or at least that's how it usually goes. Recently my wife did the unthinkable by totally shocking me with an awesome little item I had never heard of: Think Geek's new Portal Sentry Turret LED Flashlight. Yeah, I had known of the many plush Portal items and I am all more than aware that NECA will be unleashing a fury of cool Portal props and figures next year. But this 'lil fella is something different. Not only is it a neat figure, but it lights up... and it talks.

    Me and my wife are HUGE Portal fans; I think most people that have played the game are. Portal has this extremely addictive, puzzling gameplay paired with some of the most outlandish humor ever put in a game. It's twisted black humor, just like I like it and the Sentry Turrets are a large part of that. I love these guys so much I even have one tattooed on the back of my left ankle. "Are you still there?" So calm and adorable... right before they fill you with lead. Twisted. Love it. Needless to say, I've been dying to get my hands on a Sentry Turret replica for some time, be it an action figure or full blown prop. Sorry, but those Turret Plush are ugly. Until the former come along from NECA, this little Think Geek "flashlight" will do just fine.

    First things first, the packaging for this nifty figure is a collectible in its own right, closely mimicking the actual boxes used for the Turrets in the game. The front features the sadistic weapon produced by Aperture Laboratories with a statement that it's "Now Talking!" (though I don't recall one being released that didn't talk) and that it is suitable for ages 14+. This sort of conflicts with the back panel graphic that hilariously shows how you can purchase a Sentry Turret to defend your newborn baby from intruders. Lastly, there's a great graphic showing the Turret "Ikea-style" with numerous warning and safety icons such as its fragile nature and that it can be recycled.

    As mentioned, the Sentry Turret itself is rather small, measuring around 4 1/2 inches tall to the tip of its antenna to the bottom of its delicate tripod legs. I wish it was bigger, but it is a faithful replica that looks great posed next to my computer. As they say, beggars can't be choosers. Any good Turret is better than none and this one will do just fine until a bigger and better one comes along. Construction is of a nice hard plastic, though the thin legs do leave me concerned. Display with care. The antenna on top is more forgiving, being soft and flexible.

    [ame=""]Portal Turret In Action[/ame]

    Lastly we get to the bonus features. I would have been pleased with the tiny replica all by itself, but the Think Geek Turret actually lights up with the flip of a switch on the back (thus the "LED flashlight" in the name). Even better is a skinny, flat button located on the right side (left if you're facing it) that dispenses five classic quotes when pressed. Check out the video above to hear (and see) the Portal Sentry Turret in action!

    If there were any major cons to this cool little toy, it would be the $24.99 price tag. It's worth more like $10, but hey, it's all about supply and demand... and there just aren't too many great looking Portal Sentry Turrets on the market today (read: none). You can get your very own Portal Sentry Turret LED Flashlight at (it's in-stock) or be lucky and have an amazing wife like mine get one for you. "Target acquired... Goodbye."

    Review, Photos and Video by Jeff Saylor

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-loose.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-loose2.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-loose3.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-loose4.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-loose5.jpg  

    Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-ohno.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-ohno2.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-pack.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-pack2.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-pack3.jpg  

    Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-pack4.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-pack5.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-pack6.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-pack7.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-top.jpg  

    Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-packuse.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-tat.jpg   Think Geek PORTAL SENTRY TURRET LED Flashlight-1portal-views.jpg  

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