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    Hot Toys MMS Captain America

    Marvel's Star-Spangled Avenger comes to life in 1/6 scale...

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    Captain America: The First Avenger hit theaters this summer to fan praise and mass appeal, finding audiences who loved both Iron Man and Thor once again rushing to see Marvel's heroes on the big screen. Now, thanks to Hot Toys, fans of Cap can pick up a gorgeous Movie Masterpiece Series 12" figure as he appears in the film.


    comes packaged in a solidly constructed box with the shield emblem on the front and creator information on the back. The interior features an additional photo separator featuring an image of the figure with character information. The figure and accessories are held by vacu-formed plastic which protects both and ensures they arrive to collectors in perfect condition.


    For fans looking for a fully armored, battle-ready Captain America, you've found the best. Cap comes with an impressive head sculpt featuring a detailed helmet and chinstrap which is worn in the film by Captain America actor Chris Evans. Unfortunately, fans of Cap's unmasked look, an unmasked head is not included.

    Cap's sculpted leather-like gauntlets and gloved hands also accurately capture the character's look in the film. Likewise, the leater-like boots perfectly capture the look of the 1940s strapped military jump boots worn by the First Avenger. While these boots may limit the ankle articulation, they more than make up for it with their accurate, detailed sculpting.


    The costume is expertly designed and constructed in 1/6 scale to capture the uniform seen onscreen. Constructed of various pieces which provide both protection as well as utility for Cap, the uniform includes a variety of impressive features: real metal buckles, leather-like pouches and belt, reinforced stitching, padded shoulder pads, and more.


    Cap is based on Hot Toys' True Type 12" body and features over 18 points of articulation as well as a larger, sculpted torso and muscular leg attachments. This provides the figure accurate sizing as well as plenty of poseability.


    Cap includes a decent amount of accessories: his trusty 1911 .45 caliber pistol with removable magazine and leather-like leg holster, his .45 caliber Thompson Machine Gun, his leather-like bandoleer, and his most recognizable weapon - his Vibranium shield.

    Each accessory features the level of detail collectors have come to expect from Hot Toys, including a moveable sight and real cloth shoulder strap on the Thompson Machine Gun and functional straps and hand grips on the shield.


    With a suggested retail price of $169.95, Hot Toys has once again priced a figure for both casual fans and collectors. Even if you weren't a fan of the film, but you like the character, the prices - for the size and quality of this figure - is reasonable.

    While a bit short on accessories, Hot Toys' MMS Captain America includes everything he needs to look good and reflect the look from the film. Thanks to a solidly constructed 12" body, accurate sculpting on the head, hands, boots, and gauntlets, and a detailed uniform with an amazing amount of detail; this is one of the most impressive movie figures of 2011.

    Hot Toys' Captain America MMS figure is available to order wherever fine action figures and collectibles are sold.

    Be sure to check out the gallery below for more impressive photos of this amazing figure by Luka Zou!

    - review by Jess C. Horsley

    - photos by Luka Zou
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hot Toys MMS Captain America-first-pic.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-packed.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-packed-2.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-face-sculpt.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-sculpted.jpg  

    Hot Toys MMS Captain America-full.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-posed1.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-posed2.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-last-pic.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370149.jpg  

    Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370144.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370140.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370133.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370114.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370103.jpg  

    Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370097.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370096.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370086.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370092.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370082.jpg  

    Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370070.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370067.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370048.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370050.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370065-copy.jpg  

    Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370038.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370025.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370020.jpg   Hot Toys MMS Captain America-p1370013.jpg  
    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Captain America

    This figure is all sorts of awesome! Can't wait to get mine in a few weeks!

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Captain America

    I agree with everything that you wrote except the most important feature, the sculpt. This looks nothing like Chris Evans. It looks like a generic guy. The prototype was a spot on likeness, so I'm surprised and disappointed that the commercial version is so far off. So far off that I'm going to cancel my order. What a letdown.

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