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    All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!

    Classics to receive new 6 inch scale, new animated figures, more...

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    Bandai announces exciting new plans for their popular ongoing series of ThunderCats action figures. The biggest news is that their 8 inch Classics line will receive a new 6 inch scale come 2012. Bandai realizes fans have already invested in the 8 inch scale and will continue it in a smaller capacity, but 6 inch is where the line will be moving forward, along with their new animated figures.

    New 6 Inch CLASSIC ThunderCats

    With that said, fans have alot to look forward to come Spring 2012. The first two 6 inch Classic ThunderCats figures to see release will be Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. Each of these 6" figures come with the character's iconic weapon and costume and will come packaged with the classic ThunderCats look. These will retail for a SRP of $14.99 each.

    New 6 Inch ANIMATED ThunderCats

    Fast forward to the present with the all-new 6" figure collection based on the re-imagined ThunderCats TV series from Warner Bros. Animation. Also releasing Spring 2012 priced at a SRP of $14.99 each, this series continues with Tygra, complete with his bolo-whip and gun weapons, and Cheetara, whipping into battle with her staff.

    12 Inch Armor of Omens

    Another new item for Spring 2012 will be the mighty 12 inch Armor of Omens Figure. Worn only by those who have mastered the Sword of Omens, the Armor of Omens is a powerful weapon that can resist deadly attacks. This figure, priced at a SRP of $24.99, will include an exclusive 4" Lion-O figure that fits inside to unlock special features, such as LED light-up on eyes.

    Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger

    Bandai's ThunderCats vehicle line will roll on in 2012 with the new Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger. The Storm Charger comes packaged with an exclusive 4" Mumm-Ra figure, designed to activate lights and battery-powered motion. Place the 4" Mumm-Ra figure inside the cockpit of the Storm Charger and push the button to see the vehicle charge into action. In addition, the vehicle utilizes the ThunderLynx embedded magnet system to enable other 4" figures to ride inside and unlock special features. SRP of $29.99.

    Source: Bandai

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131-armor-omens.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131b-armor-omens.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131c-armor-omens.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131d-armor-omens.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131e-armor-omens.jpg  

    All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131f-armor-omens.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131h-armor-omens.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33131j-armor-omens.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33121-lion-o.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33121a-lion-o.jpg  

    All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33121b-lion-o.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33121c-lion-o.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33121d-lion-o.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33122-mumm-ra.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33122a-mumm-ra.jpg  

    All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33054-tygra.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33054a-tygra.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33054b-tygra.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33054c-tygra.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33056-cheetara.jpg  

    All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33056a-cheetara.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33072a-mumm-ra-storm-charger.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33072c-mumm-ra-storm-charger.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33072d-mumm-ra-storm-charger.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-33072f-mumm-ra-storm-charger.jpg  

    All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-1thunderlogo.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-1tarmoreuse.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-1classicsuse.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-1animatedtuse.jpg   All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!-1tcaruse.jpg  

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    Re: All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!

    Very nicely done!

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    Re: All-New THUNDERCATS, Ho!

    Hmm, I already bought that other 8" Mumm-ra that some other company made this year but I think I'll have to get this one too. And the Mezco 14" one is also looking good too.

    He's another one of those characters I just can't get enough of.

    I hope they make a Ssslythe in this line soon.

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