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    Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING

    The DC Universe goes green...

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    Unleashed to con-goers this year was another major yet minor player in the DC Universe, SWAMP THING (last year gave us Plastic Man - see our review HERE). Swamp Thing has been retold several times over the decades but Mattel has decided to go with the second retelling about Alec Holland whose personality became infused with a humanoid mass of vegetation. Available at the convention and then later on for $30, the major difference between the two was that getting Swamp Thing at the convention also gave you two Un-Men figurines.

    The Swamp Thing shipper box is well designed and attractive, revealing a molded pulp material package in the form of Swamp Thingís head inside. A personal journal and the Un-Men are packaged separately from the foam container.

    The foam head container opens at the back revealing Swamp Thing resting safely and securely with his base tucked away within. Itís an interesting presentation to be sure and a winner for those who like to return their figures into the package.

    Swamp Thing himself stands very tall for a DC Universe figure, a whopping 9 inches, as tall as many of the collect-and-connect figures. The sculpt is highly detailed with a mossy texture and branches, flowers, and fungus growing out. Old Swampy has a stern and bewildered expression that captures the character perfectly. The head is the only thing in hard plastic here while the rest of his body is covered in a soft, slimy rubbery covering. His hands are sculpted open palm so holding any accessories wonít be happening.

    Because of the stiff swampy body over the figure, Swamp Thingís articulation has been severely limited. The only visible joints are in the neck, shoulders, and hips while there are hidden points in the upper torso / abs, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. Because the joints are hidden from view, theyíre range of motion has been significantly reduced.

    Paint applications for Swamp Thing is another highlight of this exclusive, as he doesnít have the usual plastic look. The wash on the textured surface really adds depth and other painted details only enhance it.

    Accessories included with Swamp Thing are a small journal, a painted base with a peg (fits into the right foot) and if you bought this at Comic-Con, youíll also get two Un-Men figures Ophidian and Cranius. These Un-Men are small and unarticulated but add to the display.

    Even if you didnít get this piece from Comic-Con, itís still an impressive display piece and a great addition to the collection.

    Review and Photos by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampbase.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampclose.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampclose2.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampclose3.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampclose4.jpg  

    Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampclose5.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampclose6.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampcompare1.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampcompare2.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampdiary.jpg  

    Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampdiary2.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampend.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampfull1.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampfull2.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampfull3.jpg  

    Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampfull4.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swamppack.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swamppack2.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swamppackopen.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swamptop.jpg  

    Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-1swampviews.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-img_6076.jpg   Mattel SDCC Exclusive SWAMP THING-img_6077.jpg  

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