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    Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero

    The Pirates just keep on coming...

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    One Piece fans rejoice once again as Bandai Japan continues to release more amazing static figures of the animated series many iconic characters. The latest releases in the Figuarts series consist of the division head for Whitebeard's crew Marco, a sleek and darker version of Shanks, Captain of the Hear Pirates Trafalgar Law and the doctor of the Starw Hats Pirates Tony Tony Chopper.

    Bandai has done it again and continues to impress with their dynamic and unique figural interpretations of these Anime characters. This latest set of figuarts continue in the tradition of the stylized treasure chest package design which gives each individual packaged character a uniquely distinctive design and color scheme of their own.

    The character that stands out significantly among the latest Figuarts Zero releases is Marco. This distinctivelly different pirate comes with 2 pairs of interchangeable arms allowing collectors to dispaly him wielding his blue flames as he descends into phoenix form. For those who are not familiar with the character, you would immediately assume that Marco has the power to control water as the sculpt and overall look seem to indicate but they are infact arms engulfed in blue flames taking the shape of wings and it looks amazing. The figure also includes a second set of standard arms providing a set of display variations on the figure. Marco includes a display stand with name and One Piece logo as well as two clear plastic holders to prop his heavy powered-up arms up and keep them from falling off the torso because of their heaviness.

    The new Strong World version of shanks depicts the familiar one-armed pirate wearing an all black outfit which consists of a black leather trenchcoat and holding an oversized rifle. Shanks also includes an additional interchangeable head wearing sunglasses. This version of Shanks depicts the character in a darker more sinister light as his look is drastically different from his usaul appearance in the anime. The sculpted details on shanks while very well executed share the same pose as the previous version of Shanks but the all balck outfit and gun make it a bit harder to familiarize with its previous figural incarnation.

    Trifulgar Law is a very "average Joe" type of character with some very unique powers. This cunning and slender pirate is posed in a very laid-back way holding his sword sheath and at the ready to attack. The posing of his right hand suggest that he is about to commence his "Room Shambles" attack. Finally, we have Tony Tony Chopper the cute dwarved reindeer and member of the Straw Hat pirates. Tony includes an interchangeable right hand with medical mushroom allowing some minor variation in diplay options.

    The color applications on Marco and the rest of these Figuarts Zero figures is very well executed and enhances the overall look of each character significantly.

    This latest collection of One Piece Figuarts Zero continues to expand in to diverse world of the various rival pirates and one-of-a-kind characters that make up the One Piece universe. I highly reccomend these static figures to anyone who is into Anime collectibles and especially for One Piece fans. These figures vary in price between $20 to $50 and are available from most of our fine sponsors.

    Review and Images by: Jorge Pelaez
    Review Samples Provided by: Bandai

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3120_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3137_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3017_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3019_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3012_resize.jpg  

    Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3095_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3096_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3100_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3104_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3105_resize.jpg  

    Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3108_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3111_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3112_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3117_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3118_resize.jpg  

    Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3064_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3048_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3053_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3054_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3057_resize.jpg  

    Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3059_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3067_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3071_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3072_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3090_resize.jpg  

    Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3088_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3082_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3092_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3134_resize.jpg   Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero-dscn3125_resize.jpg  

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