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    "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set

    Exclusive Disney theme park set worth it for the Sky Troopers...

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    Along for the opening of the brand new STAR TOURS: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE attraction at the California and Florida Disney theme parks are two exclusive figure sets created by Hasbro and Disney. We’ve reviewed the Star Tours Travel Agency set previously (see our review HERE) so we’ll take a closer look at the AMBUSH AT STAR TOURS today. (Caution: some minor spoilers of the ride are found within.)

    Ambush on Star Tours is an open edition exclusive at the Disney theme parks and includes four figures at a relatively high asking price of $39.99. It includes Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and two Sky Troopers, which have never appeared anywhere prior to the ride. We’ve seen Stormtroopers with jet packs, but not like this.

    The attraction features two different openings so you may or may not get Darth Vader ambushing your Starspeeder 1000. The other opening just uses standard Stormtroopers which you can buy in mass at retail stores. The opening featuring Lord Vader features four Sky Troopers and a legion of Stormtroopers at his disposal. A Rebel Spy has been spotted on board and Vader, riding his hover platform, attempts to stop us from flying off, which of course we do. Boba Fett is the odd-man out in this set as he is only seen in his Slave 1... IF your journey takes you to Geonosis.

    The packaging for this set is attractive and done in a similar fashion as other Star Wars figure sets. Colorful art serves as a backdrop as our figures are displayed in a plastic tray. The back of the box shows some CG renderings of our villains.

    The main problem with this set, is of course, the high price and the fact that we’re not getting the best versions of these figures. Darth Vader still has cut elbows rather than the ball-jointed articulation we’ve come to expect. Holding a lightsaber is also difficult for this version of the figure. Boba Fett doesn’t come with a removable helmet but at least has the latest in articulation. The two Sky Troopers are thankfully up-to-date for the most part with the exception of hip articulation. Paint on all four figures is serviceable and as good as you can expect from Hasbro.

    On the accessory side, Darth Vader has his lightsaber and an all new Hover Platform. This large base also has a control panel that can be plugged into it and has pegs for Vader. Boba Fett has a removable jet pack (it’s too removable actually and never quite stays on) and his blaster weapon. The Sky Troopers come with removable jetpacks and two different blasters each.

    This set isn’t the best use of your hard earned cash but if you’re a fan of the ride and need some Sky Troopers in your collection, this is the set for you. Of course, you’ll need four total to be accurate to the ride experience but I’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard to find some kids who could use a Darth Vader and Boba Fett figure. If you’re not near a Disney theme park and want to avoid the eBay route, look for the number to Disney Deliverears as they can sell and ship directly to your home.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushall.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushall2.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushbase.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushfett1.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushfett2.jpg  

    "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushfett3.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushfett4.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushfett5.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushfett6.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushpack.jpg  

    "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushpack2.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushpack3.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushtroop1.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushtroop2.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushtroop3.jpg  

    "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushtroop4.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushtroop5.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushtroop6.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushtroop7.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushvader1.jpg  

    "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushvader2.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushvader3.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushvader4.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushvader5.jpg   "Ambush at Star Tours" Star Wars Box Set-1swambushvader6.jpg  

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