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    12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon

    Fan favorite Cantina creature a great addition to your collection...

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    In the world of 1:6th scale collecting, we tend to go with the coolest characters, the meanest villains, or perhaps the most super of super heroes. But there comes a time in one’s life when you need to stop and add a drunk alien to your collection. Sideshow Collectible’s 12" Momaw Nadon, or "Hammerhead" for the vintage fans, isn’t necessarily a cool character, a mean villain, or even a super hero. He is, however, the one Mos Eisley Cantina alien that makes me feel the most nostalgic for a simpler time when Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope was simply known as "Star Wars".

    Momaw Nadon, part of Sideshow’s 12” Star Wars collection, is an Ithorian alien and available right now at Sideshow’s website. The standard release is on the Wait List but you can still get the exclusive (reviewed here) for $124.99 (CLICK HERE to order). Limited to only 850 units, the exclusive version comes with an Ithorian Staff accessory unavailable anywhere else.

    Like all Sideshow Star Wars figures, the packaging is much of the same, yet elegant. Sharp color photography can be found on all sides. The flap sealed by magnets can be opened up to reveal the figure and a bio. This has been standard issue from the beginning and for good reason: it works great and is very collector friendly.

    The sculpt by the artists at Sideshow is captured perfectly in this figure. The Ithorian alien details extend to the head, forearms, hands, calves and feet. The rest of the body remains a dark colored pro-body. As long as you keep his sleeves and pants where they are, the plain elbows and knees are less noticeable.

    I briefly mentioned the dark colored skin tones for the normal body underneath but the paint really shines on the alien textures. There’s even pupils in those yellow eyes of his which really add to the realism.

    Momaw Nadon’s outfit is a detailed bodysuit, tunic, and scarf which includes a rope belt as well as a regular belt complete with herb pouch and bread bag. The goodies on his belt are just for show and don’t actually contain anything. Momaw Nadon also comes equipped with a E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster, and Display Base with Star Wars Logo. The display stand follows the Hot Toys model of cupping the figure underneath the unmentionables rather than grasping around the waist, a better direction in my opinion. There’s also two additional right hands, one great with the blaster, the other great with the staff. Now, if you’ve picked up the standard issue Hammerhead, you don’t get the Ithorian staff.

    Articulation on this figure is stellar and allows you to create a wide variety of poses, many can be found in the photo gallery. Because of his expressive hands and wide feet, Momaw Nadon is even more fun to pose than most other figures. Add the Cantina Environment to your collection and you’ll have an even better display.

    Momaw Nadon upon first glance might not seem essential to the collection but finally getting it really brought me back and it became one of my favorites relatively quickly. To me, he is the essential Cantina alien and I’d recommend adding him to your collection before he sells out.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Momaw Nadon Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadcantina.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadend.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadmove.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadpack.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadviews.jpg  

    12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadgear.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadhead.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-1hammerheadtop.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4405.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4406.jpg  

    12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4410.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4415.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4419.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4423.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4424.jpg  

    12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4425.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4426.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4427.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4428.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4432.jpg  

    12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4433.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4435.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4442.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4444.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4447.jpg  

    12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4448.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4450.jpg   12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon-img_4456.jpg  

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    Re: 12" Momaw "Hammerhead" Nadon

    great review and love different angle pictures, gives me an idea what the figure looks like from the sides and back.

    !! My ebay auctions

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