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    Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency

    Signal Droid, Aly San San, Ace-38, C-3PO and Luggage Attendant...

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    With a brand new STAR TOURS attraction opening at both Disneyland Park and Disney Hollywood Studios this year, Hasbro was tapped to bring action figures from the updated ride to life. The ride now boasts 54 possible combinations, so you’ll rarely take the same exact trip twice.

    Two figure sets have been created and our sold exclusively at the Disney Parks: “STAR TOURS Travel Agency” and “Ambush at STAR TOURS”. We’ll be looking more closely at the agency in this review as it will be the more wanted set for the more seasoned Star Wars collector. It includes five figures and accessories sold for $39.95 ($8 per figure). This is an open edition set so you shouldn’t have any problem acquiring this in the years to come (advice: do not overpay on ebay). You can call Disney Deliverears as well to have them delivered right to your door.

    The packaging is set up very similar to many other Star Wars figure sets we’ve seen in the past and works well. It’s collector friendly and attractive, allowing consumers to examine each package carefully before purchase. On the back of the box we are shown the CG versions of each character (only C-3PO has a live presence in the attraction) with a brief description.


    This is the first ever release of a Star Wars droid of this type. Modeled after the INS-444 Installer Droid seen in Attack of the Clones, the signal droids help guide the starspeeders during takeoff and landing. The droid has six points of articulation; all of which are in his shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The included stand props the droid up for a good hovering effect.


    Voiced by Allison Janney in the queue, Aly San San is the official spokes bot of Star Tours. She is a WA-7 service droid (also seen in Attack of the Clones) repainted in the Star Tours color palette. Since Hasbro has released the WA-7 droid before, Aly San San (not pronounced ***) is a straight up repaint of that figure. The clear stand included that can prop up the Signal Droid also has the proper slots to give Aly San San a proper stance, much better than the original stand anyway. The main problem is that her wheel never touches the ground. She has eight points of articulation: upper neck, lower neck, ball shoulders, waist, and rotating wheel.

    ACE-38 (or AC-38)

    Ace is a brand new droid designed by Disney and ILM and is the “official” pilot of the Starspeeder 1000. He has elements borrowed from the previous pilot RX-24 but is an all new sculpt. Ace does feature 10 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, thighs, knees and a movable visor that covers his eyes.


    Everyone’s favorite protocol droid returns in this updated attraction with an even bigger role than before. The figure is a repack from the 2006 Ewok Throne C-3PO with fully articulated knees. This repack I’m okay with. It was one of my favorite versions of the figure and it still holds up today with ten points of articulation.


    Repainted from the recent Utai figure, the luggage attendants show up in the pre-boarding video in great numbers. It’s also a great figure with 22 points of articulation. Dressed in an orange suit, Utai also serve Star Tours as ground crew. And as a luggage attendant, he comes with two pieces of space luggage! They open and close and add to the play value of the set.

    For fans of the attraction, this figure set is a perfect way to recreate your favorite moments… if you have a Starspeeder 1000 vehicle to put them in that is. Production samples have been revealed and a large vehicle is on its way. R2-D2 will be included so you’re definitely going to want this set to go with. With two new figures available nowhere else, a decent repaint Utai and a nice repackaged C-3PO, you can’t lose.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

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    Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1333.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1336.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1339.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1340.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1342.jpg  

    Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1343.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1344.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1345.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1346.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1347.jpg  

    Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1360.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1362.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1363.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1364.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1366.jpg  

    Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1367.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1368.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1382.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_0617.jpg   Star Wars Star Tours Travel Agency-img_1991.jpg  

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