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    One of Mickey's oldest rivals receives the vinyl figure treatment...

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    Reaching into some of Disneyís oldest characters, Medicom and their collection of Vinyl Collectible Dolls (VCD) have returned with one of Mickey Mouseís oldest rivals, Pete, as depicted in Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon to make use of synchronized sound.

    Medicom has created a good number of Disney characters from all over their impressive animated history but they donít seem to share a common scale, which is the only unfortunate aspect. Otherwise, these figures are impressive to look at and having one shows what a fan you are!

    Packaging is elegant with windows on all sides showing the product. On the back is a filmstrip with some of their own photography. Within the box is two plastic trays joined together to keep Pete safe. Whatís great is that the box doesnít seem to be too big or too small, just about right for a figure like this.

    Sculpt work from Medicom is always spot on and Pete is no different. Heís captured perfectly in his first appearance with Mickey. His expression stern with right hand open and left hand clenched in a fist.

    Paint is clean using only black and white but because Steamboat Willie is a black and white cartoon, every line should be inked. This vinyl representation of Pete is missing some of those ink lines on his hat and overalls. Itís something that I may try to fix myself but the collector within is telling me no.

    There are no accessories with this vinyl doll but he actually has some points of articulation: neck, shoulders, wrists, tail, and feet.

    Medicom has yet to make a Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse but if you were able to pick up the Tomy Magical Collection version from a few years back, heís almost the right scale!

    Pete is an import from Japan so finding him in the US may be a bit tough right now especially after the tragedies that hit that region, but look online and you may find a few outlets that can ship this classic character straight to your doorstep.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_01.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_02.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_03.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_04.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_05.jpg  

    Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_06.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_07.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_08.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_09.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_10.jpg  

    Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_11.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_12.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_13.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_14.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_15.jpg  

    Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-pete_16.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-1petepack.jpg   Medicom's STEAMBOAT WILLIE PETE VCD-1petesculpt.jpg  

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