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    Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE

    New photography of individual figures, 2-packs and vehicle weapon sets...

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    McFarlane provides new photography of their latest assortment of Halo: Reach action figures. Slated for release this April, this wave stars new solo packed figures, 2-packs and vehicle weapon sets, including:


    Covenant Airborne - Elite Officer + Elite Ultra

    Spartan Loadouts: Grenadier + Expert Marksman

    UNSC Trooper Support Staff - Medic Trooper + Radio Trooper


    Elite Special Ops

    Grunt Heavy

    Spartan JFO (Male - Rust)

    Noble Team - Jun

    ODST with Jetpack

    Spartan Military Police Custom (Male - Team Blue)

    Spartan Military Police Custom (Male - Green/Brown)

    Spartan Operator (Male - Steel)

    Spartan Air Assault (Female - Rose)


    Gauss Cannon w/ Spartan Operator Custom

    Rocket Launcher w/ Spartan JFO Custom

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-2pkcovenant-airborne.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-2pkspartan-loadouts.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-2pkunscmarines.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-gauscannon.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-rocketlauncher.jpg  

    Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-elitespecops.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-gruntheavy.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-jforust.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-jun.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-odstjetpack.jpg  

    Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-policeblue.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-policegreenbrown.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-spartanoperatorsteel.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-spartanrose.jpg   Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE-halo-reach-logo9.jpg  

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    Re: Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE

    Looks like a great series, having collected everyone Halo 3 figure and recently sold them all, I've decided to collect only the Spartans and Elites from the Halo Reach line. I do hope that plasma sword for the Spec Ops Elite is only a prototype, I'm not too impressed with white lines, I much preferred the plasma swords from the Halo 3 line with the transparent plastic.

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    Re: Halo: Reach Series 3 - UPDATE

    1. That energy sword looks horrible
    2. The ODST early-design is a stupid thing to make a figure of
    3. That Guass Cannon is GIGANTIC, also, I love how the spartan isn't even on the platform, so will we have to put him standing on the edge of the warthog?

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