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    Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz

    Close encounters of the Stay Puft kind...

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    With a new Mattel Ghostbusters figure arriving every other month, also decided to send out the Subscription Exclusive figure Marshmallow Mess Ray Stantz figure as well. While itís just a variant of the original Ray Stantz with a few extra surprises, you can expect the hard-core fans to now want an entire team of marshmallow goo Ghostbusters to go along with Dr. Stantz as he is so far the only figure made from the filmís end. You wonít be able to find this figure for sale on, so if youíre aching to get it youíre already out of luck!

    For carded collectors, Marshmallow Mess Ray comes packed as the previous figures have, complete with white shipper box for protection. Figure and accessories are displayed just fine with the usual anecdotes found on the card back. I would love to have a more standard back design featuring other figures in the series but thatís just me.

    The figure itself is not much different than what weíve seen before. Itís essentially a Ray Stantz figure (with gloves on) and some added white paint for the marshmallow goo. From the looks of it, no extra sculpting or tooling has been applied, making this a very inexpensive figure to produce (compared to the Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive Preternia Disguise He-Man).

    Speaking of marshmallow goo, I would have preferred a lot more of it! I remember the end of the film where theyíre just covered head to toe, and even the stock photography on the card back shows a more sullied look than what weíve been given. Some extra dirt on his face would have also made this a more specific and film-accurate collectible. Aside from the added on paint, Ray is essentially the same as his predecessor save for the gloves.

    Along for the ride are some brand new accessories that make this figure an essential to own piece for Ghostbusters collectors. An important piece of gear is the Ecto-Goggles, making their action figure debut! Also included is a standard walkie-talkie seen in the film. These are great accessories that are entirely swappable with other figures in the line.

    Another essential accessory: the stream. The first time we got it was with Peter Venkman. This time it glows in the dark. Ray also comes with the familiar Ghostbusters stand that also received the marshmallow treatment.

    Articulation in this figure is exactly the same as those previous with about 26 points, pretty strong in my book for a figure this scale.

    While Marshmallow Mess Ray Stantz overall isnít all that I hoped he would be as a club exclusive figure, the accessories more than make up for it. Club Ecto-1 Subscribers should be seeing this figure along with Vinz Clortho this week or next.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-all.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-all2.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-close.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-close2.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-close3.jpg  

    Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-compare.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-full.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-gear.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-gear2.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-gear3.jpg  

    Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-gear4.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-gear5.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-gear6.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-pack.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-pack2.jpg  

    Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-pack3.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-pack4.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-pack5.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-views.jpg   Ghostbusters - Marshmellow Mess Ray Stanz-1messray-gear7.jpg  

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