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    God of War KRATOS Comiquette

    Sideshow unleashes the wrath of Kratos...

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    When production images of a Kratos statue hit the web in 2009, the news spread like wildfire as God of War fans anxiously awaited official word from Sideshow about the piece. Weeks turned into months and yet no official word or images surfaced from the company. It seemed that all hope was lost and fans were beginning to fear that they would never have the opportunity of owning a high quality statue of the mighty blade-wielding Spartan but the gods had other plans in store. Finally, Sideshow teased fans via their weekly newsletter in June 2010 and God of War Kratos Comiquette made its official debut a month later at the San Diego Comic-Con. After what seems to have been an eternity, this amazing piece has finally been released and boy was it worth the wait!

    Sideshow has done a remarkable job with the packaging art on this piece by combining elements of the video game and the actual statue resulting in a visually exhilarating look. The outer box alone is a work of art in itself and look great displayed next to the Comiquette.

    The sculpted details on Kratos himself and the diorama base are flawlessly rendered from head to toe. Sideshow has taken all the dynamic elements of the character and incorporated them into this piece resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind figural masterpiece. The statue portrays Kratos standing heroically upon a broken pillar as he clutches the Blades of Exile in his hands. The statue features several of Kratos' godly artifacts from the various game titles such as the Golden Fleece and Boots of Hermes. Also, the exclusive version of the Kratos statue includes a pair of alternate bonus hands holding Hades' hook weapons from God of War III.

    The broken pillar base is covered in debris and sand and there is also a skull lying among the surface. The main portion of the base is wrapped by an ornate chain and bears the familiar omega symbol from the God of War games. The overall piece stands at an impressive 17 inches in height and 13 inches in width.

    The interchangeable hands attach to Kratos' arms magnetically which completely eliminates any risks of the hands falling off.

    The statue is painted beautifully with a vivid blend of natural and dark colors. Sideshow did an amazing job in capturing the unique ash-like look on Kratos' skin. Kratos' trademark tattoo is flawlessly colored in a dark crimson color that stands out significantly among the piece. The Golden Fleece which covers Kratos' left shoulder and arm is covered in a uniform golden paint and the edges are accented with gold leaf giving the armor and enhanced sparkle effect that looks incredible.

    While I would have much preferred a Premium Format Figure of Kratos with real chains and a fabric skirt, I am extremely satisfied with this one-of-a-kind collectable that celebrates all of the things that make Kratos one of the most iconic video game characters today. While the exclusive version of this piece is completely sold out, it seems that the regular version is on backorder so I strongly suggest signing up for the Wait List as soon as you can.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails God of War KRATOS Comiquette-1sidekratos-pack.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-1sidekratos-sculpt.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-1sidekratos-sculpt2.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-1sidekratos-paint.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-1sidekratos-top.jpg  

    God of War KRATOS Comiquette-1sidekratos-top2.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-1sidekratos-sculpt3.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1049_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1053_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1058_resize.jpg  

    God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1063_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1064_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1070_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1072_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1076_resize.jpg  

    God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1077_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1080_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1081_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1084_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1090_resize.jpg  

    God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1095_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1099_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1109_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1137_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1145_resize.jpg  

    God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1152_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1159_resize.jpg   God of War KRATOS Comiquette-cimg1162_resize.jpg  

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