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    Life-size Toy Story doll all the way from Japan...

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    Stinky Pete the Prospector from Toy Story 2 didn’t have a particularly enjoyable life. He was stuck on a dime store shelf, never to be bought or played with and when he finally had a chance to shine at a toy museum in Japan, that didn’t pan out for him either. Ironically for us toy collectors, if you want a life size replica of Stinky Pete in the states, you’re going to have to go to Japan to get it!

    A toy company by the name of Young Epoch has produced their very own line of Woody's Roundup in full scale. These life size replicas aren’t as “fun” or “play friendly” as the wonderful Toy Story Collection line from Thinkway, but if you’re dying to plug in that gaping hole in the collection, this is a suitable solution.

    Stinky Pete is packaged in a gorgeous recreation box, almost identical to that seen in the film. The main differences is that it doesn’t say he has “4 Sayings” since this is no pull-string doll but just a plain doll. My box indicates that this is a “3rd Version” which suggests that others have been made. One possibly in black and white and the other in a more faded antique color tone. I really like the quote on the box that reads: “PLAY AND ENJOY THIS TOY!” The box also suggests that they’ve made toys of Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye. Also worth noting is the placement of his axe is on the wrong side compared to the film.

    The sculpt of Prospector isn’t exactly on-model as I recall his beard being more full than this particular toy, but it’s not a bad likeness at all. He has a fabric outfit which is very nicely constructed and a big removable hat. The hat is much too flimsy for my tastes, making it difficult to fold upwards against gravity. The plastic pick axe that’s included cannot be held in any of his hands, nor is he poseable. He’s a doll.

    The included display stand is very nice. A solid wood base that holds the Prospector in place does so very nicely without having to snap into his neck. The base looks better on the shelf too since it’s not plastic.

    Oh wait... he does have a movable mouth! It’s not much and there’s no trigger for it so it really isn’t something to run home about.

    So there you have it! A Stinky Pete doll that you can keep in or out of the packaging. You’ll have to pick it up from Japan or make friends with the folks at Pixar Animation Studios. They just might have some in their studio store for $47 American.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_01.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_02.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_03.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_04.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_05.jpg  

    Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_06.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_07.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_08.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_09.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_10.jpg  

    Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_11.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_12.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_13.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_14.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_15.jpg  

    Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_16.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_18.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-stinkypete_19.jpg   Young Epoch's STINKY PETE THE PROSPECTOR-1petepack.jpg  

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    Great review! How did you come across buying it? I've been looking to buy one of these for a long time now on eBay and such. Could you help me?

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    This is sold in Japan (I got mine in a Pixar store - which they are out of now) and I'm afraid I haven't seen it available anywhere at all either. If I see it at all, I'll try and post here.

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