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    New ANI*STATUE Beauties

    One Coin mini figures too...


    Koto presents the female ninja and member of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, KASUMI “CHERISH”. The rebellious warrior abandoned her training and destiny to compete in the Dead or Alive tournament, eventually confronting Raidou, the man who crippled her brother. Kasumi won the first tournament when she killed the villain, and then went on to participate in each subsequent event.

    When it was time to design a new version of Kasumi, Koto went to one of the most popular illustrators in Japan, Oyari Ashito. Renowned for his heart-grabbing girls, Ashito created an all-new special illustration for the warrior that captures her alluring beauty. The fully pre-painted figure comes with an exclusive miniature clear poster of Kasumi illustrated by Oyari Ashito. Sculpted by MIC, Kasumi stands over 8 ½ inches tall (in 1/7th scale) on a specially designed display base.

    Available in April priced at a SRP of $79.99.


    Based on original character illustration by famed artist Tony, MAXIMA ENFIELD wears a very provocative dress composed of long segments that offer a peek inside. Maxima’s pretty collar, gloves, stockings, and boots all share the same dark color scheme decorated with white accents and purple highlights like the ribbon around her neck. Posed striding toward you purposefully, Enfield displays a black and white card in her left hand while wielding a sword in her right. The girl’s face, exquisitely captured by sculptor Keijirou Togita, glances to the side with the tiniest hint of a smile while her long curvy ponytail winds down behind her. Maxima stands 8 ½ inches tall (in 1/8th scale) atop an exlusive base and is fully painted.

    Available in June priced at a SRP of $69.99.


    Coming to you straight out of the world-famous manga/anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters is the sexy DARK MAGICIAN GIRL. A card in Yugi’s deck, the girl is the female equivalent of the Dark Magician, and even wears a much cuter version of his outfit. Her cute pose, complete with her head cocked to the side, was an original design by manga artist Kazuki Takahashi. Dark Magician Girl comes with two interchangeable faces (one wide-eyed and one winking), and the first production run will include a Kuriboh keychain and A4 size poster. Sculpted by Tsukuru Shirahige, the dark one is slightly over 7 inches tall (in 1/7th scale) as she kneels on her special magic square printed base.

    Available in April priced at a SRP of $69.99.


    Your favorite characters from the world-famous manga and anime series are coming to you in adorable Yupon style. These little guys even let you recreate some of the most memorable moments from the series with special dialogue plates that connect to their bases; each figure comes with two different plates. The figures in this set include: Honda Hiroto, Kaiba Seto, Kaiba Mokuba, Masaki Anzu, Bakura Ryo, Yami Yugi, Muto Yugi, Jonouchi Katsuya, Red Eyes Black Dragon, and 1 secret figure.

    Sold in individual blind boxes, each 2 – 2 ½ inch tall figure features intricate sculpting and bold colors to represent the sillier side of these characters, along with a ball-jointed neck to further customize your display.

    Available in April priced at a SRP of $5.99 each.

    Source: Edited Koto PR

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kasumi_intania1.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kasumi_intania2.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kasumi_intania3.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kasumi_intania4.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kasumi_intania_up1.jpg  

    New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kasumi_intania_up2.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl2.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl3.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl4.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl5.jpg  

    New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl6.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl7.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl-kuribou1.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl_b1.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bmgirl_b2.jpg  

    New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kuribou1.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-maxima_back.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-maxima_main.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-maxima_subcut.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-maxima_up3.jpg  

    New ANI*STATUE Beauties-anzu.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-bakura.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-blackdragon.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-honda.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-jonouchi.jpg  

    New ANI*STATUE Beauties-kaiba.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-mokuba.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-yamiyugi.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-yugi.jpg   New ANI*STATUE Beauties-yugioh_duel_all.jpg  

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