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    TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner

    Off the grid fun with the slick light-up roadster...

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    A new vehicle from the TRON franchise making its feature film debut is the Light Runner. Built by Kevin Flynn, it is the vehicle driven by Quorra that has capabilities of going “off the grid”. Spin Masters created this great looking roadster with light-up features and pop-up blaster cannons as part of their deluxe TRON: Legacy vehicle assortment.

    The Light Runner isn’t an integral part of the overall story but does serve its purpose in the TRON world. But really, who can say no to such a cool off-roading vehicle? The box is essentially the same size as the Deluxe Light Cycles (read our review HERE), but because of the Light Runner's size, it fills up the entire box. It’s an attractive design and should be easy to spot on the toy shelves.

    We’ve already mentioned an opening cockpit (just like in the movie), pop up cannons (just like in the movie), and some really cool lights (just like in the movie) but this toy can also roll over many obstacles that gets in its way. I do have a small issue that the floor of the vehicle isn’t completely there, giving the Light Runner an airy, almost-Flinstones kind of feel.

    And what TRON vehicle is complete without light? A button towards the back of the vehicle activates the light-up feature; once pressed, it lights up for just a second or two. A nifty feature that is preferred is if you plug figures into the seats, the light-up feature will work for a much longer duration. Another small disappointment is that the nose of the vehicle doesn’t light up as it should.

    In conclusion, the Light Runner is a great toy for fans of the film and for only $20, not a bad price. Look for it at your local retail store and look for the film TRON: Legacy in theaters TODAY.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-1lightrunnerpack.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-1lightrunnersides.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-1lightrunnerfrontback.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-1lightrunnercockpit.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_002.jpg  

    TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_004.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_006.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_011.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_012.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_014.jpg  

    TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_015.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_018.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_019.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_020.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_021.jpg  

    TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_022.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_025.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_026.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_027.jpg   TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-lightrunner_033.jpg  

    TRON: Legacy Deluxe Light Runner-1lightrunnerlight.jpg  

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