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    5 New Mecha Model Kits

    Plus, 2 new licenses: MUV-LUV and GOD BLESS THE MACHINE DANCOUGA.

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    Kotobukiya passes along another amazing assortment of fine scale mecha model kits for release in 2011. These include:


    Rocketing out of the Variable Infinity Series from Armored Core For Answer is a new variant on the GA flagship model, GA GAN01-SUNSHINE-E FEEDBACK. The Sunshine is one of the player’s default corporate Armored Cores and a fan favorite with its heavy armor and weapons. Resembling a main battle tank, the robot is made up of blocky armored sections built to withstand incredible punishment.

    The new Feedback version features a great custom color scheme in maroon and silver. It also brings back the old style bazooka arm weapon with an all-new sculpt, completing its armament of VERMILION01 and POPLAR01. Standing just over 7 inches tall (1/72 scale), this powerful unit is comprised of approximately 600 parts and when fully assembled it has 20 points of articulation for extreme poseability. AC kits require easy snap fit assembly with included pictorial assembly instructions and do not need to be painted.

    Available in April 2011 priced at a SRP of $54.99.


    Next up in the amazing line of Fine Scale Model robot units from the epic Muv-Luv Alternative side story Total Eclipse is SIRANUI NIGATA DEMONSTRATION COLOR. The powerful giant robot is perfectly recreated with its dynamic modular armor, leg-mounted shields, and distinctive head with its twin “horns.” The unique “Demonstration” color looks fantastic, with white armor and details in gray, yellow, and red. The Siranui Nigata’s eyes and glowing sections have even been captured with translucent parts.

    This fighting mecha comes with multiple alternate hands and weapons for both melee and long-ranged combat. Standing nearly 7 inches tall, the Siranui Nigata is comprised of about 500 parts with 40 points of articulation.

    Available in April 2011 priced at a SRP of $49.99.


    The next member of the elite Super Robot Taisen Fine Scale Model Kits is the “brother” machine of the previously released Laldabaoth, the martial arts fighting BYLEFOL. A hand-to-hand combatant just like its predecessor, this robot shares much of the same unique design that features stylized armor plates and wickedly clawed feet. There are two main differences between the two.

    First, the Bylefol has a huge mass of tentacular wavy “machine hair” as opposed to the Laldabaoth’s mane. Secondly, the new robot’s color scheme is primarily blue and gray with red “hair.” Standing over 7 ½ inches tall (1/144 scale), the Bylefol is comprised of approximately 240 parts that can be put together without any glue. The mecha engineers at Kotobukiya have revolutionized the articulation system for this model, taking advantage of the many armor pieces to come up with the highest possible degree of poseability. With over 30 points of articulation, the robot has independently moving shoulder armor plates, poseable shoulders, elbows that move 180 degrees, and extra joints in the chest and hips. The Bylefol also comes with multiple weapons as well as two sets of hands (gripping and flat).

    Available in April 2011 priced at a SRP of $49.99.


    Many of the great mecha involved in the Great Battle IV have become iconic symbols, and now one of those classics is the next Super Robot Taisen Fine Scale Model. Known by its bright red and gold paint scheme as much as its pilots (Warrior Roar, Kamen Rider ZO, Ultraman Powered, and the V2 Gundam), it’s the COMPATIBLE KAISER. Resplendent with its geometric armor, flared shoulders, winged chest plate, and flashy feet, the robot is always ready for battle.

    The Compatible Kaiser is composed of approximately 300 pieces cast in different colors, eliminating the need for painting. The fighting unit stands nearly 8 inches tall (non-scale), and has over 20 points of articulation. The flashy robot comes with its signature weapons, the Over Kaiser Sword, Kaiser Boomerang, and Spiral Knuckles. Fully poseable, the Compatible Kaiser looks great atop Kotobukiya’s original M.S.G. Flying Base 3 (sold separately), and as a special bonus includes a mini figure of pilot Fighter Roa.

    Available in May 2011 priced at a SRP of $49.99.


    Yet another classic anime series brought to life in a whole new style, 1985’s God Bless The Machine Dancouga joins the D-Style lineup with the titular robot, DANCOUGA. The combined form of four Cyber Beast Machines, this super-deformed “giant” robot was piloted by four soldiers in the fight to free Earth from the Muge Zorbados Empire.

    With 60 pre-painted parts and easy snap-fit assembly, no glue or paint is necessary. In his iconic black, gray, yellow, and red color scheme Dancouga comes ready to fight with his “DankuKen” Sword and “DankuHo” Huge Beam Cannon that can be mounted on his back. The robot can also be displayed with two wings (Booster Units) on its back with interchangeable parts, and it looks great on the Kotobukiya M.S.G. Flying Base 3 (sold separately). Standing almost 5 inches tall, this little Dancouga has approximately 20 points of articulation.

    Available in May 2011 priced at a SRP of $19.99.

    Source: Edited Koto PR

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 5 New Mecha Model Kits-_mg_4212.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-_mg_4215.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-_mg_4221.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-_mg_4233.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-valfor_action3.jpg  

    5 New Mecha Model Kits-valfor_action4.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-valfor_action7.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-valfor_action9.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-valfor_back1.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-valfor_front1.jpg  

    5 New Mecha Model Kits-dancouga_action1.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-dancouga_action4.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-dancouga_back1.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-dancouga_back2.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-dancouga_front1.jpg  

    5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_action2.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_action4.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_action6.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_action7.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_action9.jpg  

    5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_back1.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_front1.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-cbkaiser_roa1.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-feedback_action3.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-feedback_action4.jpg  

    5 New Mecha Model Kits-feedback_action5.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-feedback_action6.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-feedback_back2.jpg   5 New Mecha Model Kits-feedback_front1.jpg  

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