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    Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure

    Up, up and away with the underrated Disney gem...

    Sideshow's Rocketeer Premium Format Figure is IN-STOCK. Two versions are available: The Sideshow Exclusive with bonus portrait of Cliff Secord (FLEXPay available) and the Standard Edition (FLEXPay available).

    The Rocketeer is truly one of Disney’s most underrated gems of the early '90s and widely ignored by the studio. Thankfully, folks from Medicom and now Sideshow have kept the spirit alive with high quality collectibles. I don’t collect a lot of items larger than the 1/6th scale but if there was one statue I’d want to have taking residency at my home, it would be The Rocketeer. And at long last, Sideshow Collectibles have made it happen in this remarkable Premium Format statue.

    There are two versions available for purchase through Sideshow’s website as usual, a Standard Edition priced at $329.99 with an edition size of 500 units. A more limited edition Sideshow Exclusive priced at $339.99 is limited to only 375. The only difference between the two is that the exclusive edition comes with an additional Cliff Secord unmasked head to swap out. It’s entirely up to you if you feel that the extra $10 justifies the unmasked head but I think most will be happy with the standard edition.

    The packaging is a large heavy duty box with great artwork and photography gracing the sides. There’s some text on the back about the character and the qualities of the statue and the edition number on the very bottom. Inside the box is an enormous slab of Styrofoam, cut in the middle and taped together. Like many statues nowadays, you’ll have to put the Rocketeer together but it isn’t hard.

    If you have the regular edition, there is absolutely no fault found in the sculpt. It is a marvelous piece from top to bottom. The helmet is precisely how you remembered as is the rocket pack, complete with Beeman’s gum stuck on for luck. The base is designed with an art deco look that resembles much of the architecture and artwork popular in the 20s and 30s, around the time The Rocketeer film took place (you’ll also find the edition number on the bottom). The heroic pose perfectly captures the personality of our hero: courageous and eager.

    The exclusive edition gets you the bonus Cliff Secord portrait that can also be used on display. Sculpt-wise, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the portrait but the paint really doesn’t help. Where you have realistic fabric all over, the shiny paint and glossy red eyes make it quite obvious that this is a statue. Here was a great opportunity to take some tips from Hot Toys in how to make a portrait realistic.

    Getting to the paint, the more disappointing aspects are in the Cliff Secord head, as it just has a lifeless look to it. The gloves, pistol, boots, and base are all done really nicely (and clean) and the helmet head looks stunning. Certainly the look I prefer is the iconic Rocketeer in full gear.

    The fabric outfit for the Rocketeer is exquisitely executed and just a real marvel to behold. Using fabric articles of clothing, the Rocketeer really springs to life on your table or display. The wrinkles never look out of place either. It’s just an outstanding figure.

    The Rocketeer has always been my favorite and while Disney pays it no mind in home video, I’m glad that Sideshow has taken this character and brought it to a full 19” premium statue that looks handsome anywhere in your home. While the Cliff Secord head doesn’t look bad in all meanings of the word, I definitely prefer the standard version for display. Whatever you’re mood, both are still available at

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeerbase.jpg   Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeerdetails.jpg   Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeerend.jpg   Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeerpack.jpg   Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeertop.jpg  

    Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeerunmasked.jpg   Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeerviews.jpg   Sideshow ROCKETEER Premium Format Figure-1rocketeerheads.jpg  

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