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    Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model

    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo da Vinci

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    Way before Al Gore invented the Internet and the world collaborated on Wikipedia, households used to find knowledge in encyclopedias. Arranged in alphabetical order from "Apple" to "Zebra", the large, heavy sets of paperbound books endlessly fascinated me as a young child with their pictures. More specifically, it was the mesmerizing anatomical cross sections that captivated me; frogs, insects, and humans. Although I didn't grow up to become a doctor, the impact those transparent overlays had on me as a kid carried with me into my adult life.

    That said, when I received news of an upcoming 1:6th scale Male Anatomy Model from Artist's Anatomy (read our story HERE), I was instantly intrigued. Not your typical figure collectible, the Male Anatomy Model isn't licensed or meant to be played with in the traditional sense of a toy. The sculpture is instead a fascinating study of the human form, aimed at aspiring artists, sculptors, and educators. Of course, the Male Anatomy Model can also be enjoyed by those like myself that simply appreciate fine art. It is currently available for order through

    Packaging for the Male Anatomy Model is purely utilitarian; the brown cardboard box is designed simply to ship your sculpture safe and sound. A highly reflective "Artist's Anatomy" sticker acts as a seal of authenticity and "Made in the U.S.A." decals proudly proclaim the origin of this fine art. I couldn't help but smile broadly at the sight of this.

    Inside collectors will find a colored postcard with some background on the piece, as well as tips for caring for your model. A nice touch. Wrapped carefully in layers of bubble wrap is the model itself, complete with display base, detachable arms and optional genitalia. More details on both later on.

    The artist behind this stunning sculpture is a modest man who would much prefer the piece speak for itself. As an artist myself, I respect that trait. I will just say its someone respected in the action figure industry and that you probably already own a few toys sculpted by him. However, monsters and fantasy heroes this is not; the Male Anatomy Model is a passionate project of realistic proportions. In true 1:6th scale, the model stands 12 inches tall and is cast from a strong resin. It's not a bone brittle resin like that used in most statues, but care should still be taken when handling the piece.

    As mentioned previously, the model includes two removable arms for closer study, an "Artist's Anatomy" display base and optional genitalia. The latter was omitted from the piece for decency and can be applied by tacky tape or glue if so desired. The figure connects securely to the base via two steel rods, as do the two arms to the torso. Removing and attaching these pieces is a breeze, yet the fit is nice and snug. Other than the arms, the Male Anatomy Model is a static piece, meant to be observed rather than posed. I will state here that the pose chosen for this model is exceptionally dynamic; a powerful and immediate eye-grabber.

    The other alluring quality of this statue is its insanely detailed sculpt. Every muscle is intricately carved out, a task that was clearly a labor of love. One can not help but admire the talent that went into making this model. It's hyper-realism at its finest. While I am not a trained physician (nor do I play one on TV), the muscular sculpt appears accurate and will no doubt benefit those that use it as a learning tool. As fine art, the Male Antomy Model is simply breathtaking.

    To elevate the sculpt, the model is cast in a minimalistic grey. The monotone color scheme works in its raw simplicity, though I must confess that I'd rather see the model painted in more realistic tones of muscle red.

    The Male Anatomy Model is a striking sculpture; a serious collectible for those with an eye for fine art or the desire to learn. Artist's Anatomy set out with a clear vision and have succeeded in delivering a model that speaks volumes about talent and dedication, art and ambition. The Male Anatomy Model is worthy of an encylopedia entry... and your collection.

    The Male Anatomy Model is currently available for order through priced at $120 plus s&h. Wholesale and international orders inquire at

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Review Sample Courtesy of Artist's Anatomy

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aa2.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aabase.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aabuild.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aabuild2.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose3.jpg  

    Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose4.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose5.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose6.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose7.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose10.jpg  

    Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose11.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose12.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose13.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaclose15.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aadetailhead.jpg  

    Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaend.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aafull4.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aafull5.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aafull6.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aafull7.jpg  

    Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aafull8.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aafull9.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aafull10.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aapack.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aatop.jpg  

    Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aauberclose.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aauberclose2.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1aaviews.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1postcardfront.jpg   Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomy Model-1postcardback.jpg  

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