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    Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies

    Bigger babies. Cuter collectibles.

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    Just in time for the release of TOY STORY 3 on Blu-ray and DVD, Hot Toys delivers their latest batch of Cosbabies. Only these aren't your typical small-scale Cosbabies, these are mega sized! There are three different M SERIES COSBABIES int he Toy Story assortment: Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Alien. Let's take a look at these vinyl collectibles!

    Boxed individually in very unique packaging, each of these M Series Cosbabies stand about 6 inches tall and are basically baby versions of the Toy Story characters... hence their name, Cosbabies. I have to hand it over to Hot Toys, these look pretty snazzy in their boxes. They're of a very simple, yet elegant design, with an even more unique background insert.

    Woody showcases his Roundup Gang, Buzz has a scene from Zurg's Fortress, and behind Alien is... more Aliens! The box is a bit TOO simple though, leaving out a lot of detail about the toy itself.

    Aa mentioned, all three stand roughly 6 inches tall. Woody has the edge thanks to his cowboy hat and the Alien looks shorter but makes up for it with his antenna. All the sculpts are larger versions of the standard Cosbabies and look as they should.

    Paint is all around well executed, even going so far as detailing the bottom of Woody and Buzz's feet with the name "Andy" inscribed onto them.

    Articulation is identical to the smaller Cosbabies, with moving leg joints, shoulder joints, waist joint, and neck joint, but there must be something with the paint as many of my joints were stuck. One thing worth pointing out is the feet of the Aliens are stuck together to recreate their design in the films, so there's not going to be a lot of use for his leg joints. Second thing to point out is to be careful when trying to move the joints as my alien head twisted completely off. This is certainly a major warning sign so do be careful when handling your Cosbabies.

    There aren't a lot on the accessory front here. Buzz does have a removable helmet (not pictured) and the Alien comes with the 3D glasses seen in the television promos. It's a nice touch.

    If you collect the cosbabies, Woody and Buzz are actually great additions to your collection since the aspect of scale can be retained, even if moderately. The Alien is a bit large for Buzz and Woody but having the 3D glasses are pretty neat. Price wise, these are about $45 a pop which is massively steep but they do add a bit of fun to the collection.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Samples Courtesy fo Hot Toys

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1andyfoot.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzalien.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzclose.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzclose2.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzcompare.jpg  

    Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzmove.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzpack.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzviews.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1buzzviews2.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosalienbroken.jpg  

    Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosalienclose.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosalienclose2.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosaliencompare.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosalienpack.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosalienviews.jpg  

    Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosalienviews2.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosbigall.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosbigpacksall.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1cosbigtop.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1coswoodybuzz.jpg  

    Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1woodyback.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1woodyclose.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1woodycompare.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1woodypack.jpg   Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1woodypack2.jpg  

    Hot Toys TOY STORY M Size Cosbabies-1woodypack3.jpg  

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